Your Scumbag Dad – Art Lesson!

Your Scumbag Dad – Art Lesson!

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38 Responses

  1. Nova Reactions says:

    When you show your talent you got yourself a good reward

  2. Karl Kristoff Baniqued says:

    This is like the only episode where nothing bad actually happens.

  3. kacpertron says:

    I was waiting for him to start scribbling it out because he made a mistake.

  4. Dvooby says:

    This kid is losing his innocence and his dad is getting more proud

  5. SnackBox One says:

    Nothing bad happened here. No one got hurt, no one lost their minds. This is wholesome, in a very illegal way

  6. xSaige says:

    He is procedurally becoming a better father every time

  7. Snoopy Doopy says:

    Everyone talking about how he’s really good at tattooing people in the get go but see how he tattooed himself perfectly? That’s real talent right there

  8. J.J. Main says:

    Scumbag dad isn’t always bad, he’s trying his best. I love this episode because my roommate is currently a tattoo apprentice and she didn’t have any parental support. We all need a scumbag dad sometimes

    *This message does not condone “pranking”, “surprising”, taking “dad’s sugar”, or any other actions done by scumbag dad*

  9. annoying pagan says:

    honesty this one wasn’t that bad. this kids getting more praise for his talents from his parent then most kids do.

  10. Stevy Boy says:

    They aren’t the best things for a kid to learn obviously but this kid is learning some pretty valuable skills. Some of the stuff they have learned can be pretty useful. And can lead to pretty successful careers.

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