You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This!

You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This!

Saturday 26th January
5pm GMT (Hopefully)
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52 Responses

  1. jennwoo 26 says:

    This is what I like about Jack he cares about people

  2. Joseph Sather says:

    I thought he found his flamingo shorts…

  3. Jeff Bitter says:

    My family is very poor and i cant remember the last time i was actually happy. I wish I could donate everything I have! It would make me smile at least.

  4. Cipher_011 says:

    This man deserves the world
    But this world don’t deserves him

  5. Cheeseous says:

    I thought he said “Cheeseous” ( 3:18 ) and I was like, SENPAI NOTICED ME!!!



  7. BradtheBad101 Gaming says:

    “I helped raised a million dollars, but I didn’t raise enough. I missed 4 donations.” jack
    “Really? A small 1 mil?” Donald.
    “I wish I could just touch a million dollars so I could help people.” Average person.

    Love you jack 🙂

    Edit: Jan 26th is my birthday and nothing can go wrong on Jan 26th

  8. Lee Croucher says:

    I can’t quite tell why but Sean looks really different …? Good, but different.

  9. TJ Toons says:

    *Bless your heart Jack <3*

  10. Sugarcat says:

    Your charity work is the stuff of legends and a huge inspiration for me to push harder so I can start doing some good work myself

  11. Monica Hernandez says:

    I have a friend of 11 years old who has cancer and “make a wish” help her get the travel of her life. So because of that I’m VERY happy that you are going to make the charity live stream, Thank you Jack

    • Lilly Star [sad lonley Wolf] says:

      I’m sorry that you only have a little amount of likes
      It’s because people are to lazy to read the rest
      I read your hole comment and I wish good luck to your friend he/she sounds like an AMAZING person!
      And good luck to you too!???

    • Unicornia Gamer says:

      Bless your friend

  12. 지원추 says:

    “More of my face!”

  13. Takoma Graham says:

    What was the point in disliking this? Actual question.

  14. Jessica Jennifer says:

    I won’t be able to watch? because it’s Australia Day on the 26th and I’m spending it with my family

  15. Defaulty Boi says:

    I really want subnautica gameplay again tbh!

  16. AllIsOne says:

    Lol idiot me thought this was gonna be anti saying “surprise! DIE”

  17. Reginald Eggleston says:

    GASP ANOTHER CHARITY LIVE STREAM NICE AMAZING….and jack i may or may not try to donate but i will try My best to support your stream and i know everyone else will do the same…Thank you Jack ….??????????

  18. Reginald Eggleston says:


  19. Ian Bonnar says:

    I have Dechenne Muscular Dystrophy, and I think my make a wish is going to be a brand new Aliensware computer.

  20. Steve From Minecraft says:

    *T H A T. B E A R D.* The Dad of War vibes are coming back.

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