You’re Not Good Enough

You’re Not Good Enough

In which Nathan Zed ( fills in for Hank while he’s on paternity leave and delves into that taunt that haunts your doorways: “you’re not good enough”.

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20 Responses

  1. Creatrix Tiara says:

    ha! my art teachers were actually a lot like your nightmare classmate,
    making fun of me for not being amazing at like 10. It’s why I didn’t do art
    for a long time.

  2. spec says:

    that hilariously obvious residue of the intense sweat scene is the best
    thing about this

  3. SuicidalLaughter says:

    he sweat so hard in his flashback it got his present shirt wet,
    then his passionate speech dried it up. I also like burritos.

  4. spec says:


  5. Solomon Carpenter says:

    You earned my subscription

  6. LaydayEruanna says:

    Did someone put a webcam in my brain? What is this, a 100% relatable-a-ton?
    This? It me. Not really me, but my immidiate reaction is still “IT ME!”

  7. Adamantium9001 says:

    Well you’re certainly good enough at making videos. :D

  8. Gamesturbator says:

    Love that Obama impression! XD

  9. gameXylinder says:

    Is it just me or did he sounds suspiciously like a robot when he said
    “human”? :o

  10. Harshit Sharma says:

    That Obama+kanye impression was lit! ?

  11. QueenNovella says:


  12. Nicole Groves says:

    who are you?! I like you!
    forever going to refer to myself as a pretty good burrito

  13. bubblesgagaxoxo says:

    Yes!!! Nathan filling in for Hank, this is awesome, although Nathan please
    upload more on your channel!

  14. Sara Carvajal says:

    I lost it at 2:35. You’re the best Nathan ???

  15. xMasterxRazorx says:

    This hit close to home. I’ve struggled with this a lot in my life. Also
    this guy is hilarious.

  16. doddleoddle says:

    DAMMIT nathan this is so good

  17. Julie B says:

    Hey look its twitters dad

  18. ceeoreo says:

    lol this is too relatable

  19. Juliet O'hera says:


  20. Emerald Spider Clairsentient Oracle says:

    You need to be a writer on SNL! I literally LOLed yes I laughed out louded
    hmmm yeah me :)