You’re Not That Guy Pal #shorts

You’re Not That Guy Pal #shorts

use code “wesley-wat” #shorts

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45 Responses

  1. Cloudy says:

    The amount of cringe in this would kill anyone

  2. Liam Holcroft says:

    God how unfunny can someone actually be

  3. Dark Loaders says:

    Lol, the fact that you didn’t realize it was an ai

  4. iInsUmorous says:

    Everytime i see videos like this i regret spending money on this game more and more.

  5. Chris Cisneros says:

    This guy killed the meme

  6. FreeAccount ,._ says:

    People like him legit made people quit the game and ruined the fun for others

    • Brian Contreras says:

      Well the people who are good at the game actually put in the hours to get better at it while people who didn’t put any hours in the game get mad over the game being to hard like bruh blame yourself if you got shitted on

    • trollface gaming says:

      yea same i used to play with random people but now that people made the game like this i only play with friends from school

    • drip drip boy says:


    • drip drip boy says:

      @Brian Contreras its hard to put hours in when you die every game

  7. Kian Schein says:

    That’s why people hate our generation 💀

  8. Brandon R says:

    When a prepubescent teen says “your not that guy” on forkknife, yea bud, your not that guy.

  9. TG 2 says:

    “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life on this planet” – buzz lightyear

  10. Moe Lester says:

    You can never have a good meme last in this generation.

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