YouTube Challenge – I Served My Dad Breakfast in the Shower

YouTube Challenge – I Served My Dad Breakfast in the Shower

Every year around Father’s Day, Jimmy issues one of our now-infamous YouTube challenges. This year, he asked our viewers to serve their fathers breakfast in the shower, and this is what happens when the children of America unite against the person who gave them life. #YouTubeChallenge

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YouTube Challenge – I Served My Dad Breakfast in the Shower

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20 Responses

  1. Amy Yu says:

    the dad at 1:56 is HOT! :P

  2. beachgirl1478 says:

    Shame with regard to the amount of food wasted.

  3. Kristin Hale says:

    4:08 – LMFAO

  4. Monica MacDonald says:

    how were they all comfortable seeing their dad nude?

  5. LazyIndieGamer says:

    No wonder America is the land of incest.

  6. Jimmy Nutrin says:

    wow jimmy kimmel really hates angry grandpa

  7. fatima zahra Darkaoui says:

    why do people leave their bathrooms door open when they shower?!!

  8. Conor MacLean says:

    If we did this to our mothers we would be killed.

  9. Ahmad Obaid says:


  10. monicamshs says:

    Since people are so set on that seeing your dad naked is a “white American
    thing”, tell me what your race is and whether or not you ever thought is
    was okay to see your dad naked when you were younger. I’ll start:
    I’m a Hispanic American, and probably saw my dad naked a lot when I was a
    toddler, but not after then. I think it can be okay depending on your
    family. I’ve seen my mom naked a few times after my childhood but I guess
    it’s not weird because we have the same parts!

  11. BomberChoi says:

    Next: Give your father a surprise rimjob when hes intimate with your

  12. Jeffrey M. Reynolds says:

    LMAO! I hope that my kids are willing to do this kind of stuff to me
    someday. Although, I’d be a little bit upset that the breakfast was wasted
    if they threw it into the shower like that. I’d hope that they’d at least
    feed it to me while I continue to shower. You know… soap my arm pits…
    take a bite of bacon… soap my stomach… eat a strawberry… lather my
    hair… drink some orange juice… etc, etc, etc. It is Father’s Day after
    all. It could easily have become a prank that still shows respect for the
    holiday. =;-)

  13. Honeyydo says:

    This was awkward to watch

  14. hamza bourriz says:

    i didn’t get it !! is it ok if kids sees their dad naked oO” in america

  15. misssupreme says:

    Seems so weird to me that almost everyone was so comfortable with the

  16. Robin Graves says:

    Way too much Dad bod

  17. Amaan Khan says:

    I would probably die if I saw my dad naked 

  18. SirBagman87 says:

    Do none of them care that they are seeing their Dads naked?

  19. Lord Death says:

    If this was done to mothers the comments would have been a lot different,
    you think men don’t have emotions…….maybe that’s why men act rudely
    with women sometimes, because women don’t give a shit about men’s feelings.
    I bet if a mother were to have had flour and eggs dropped on them in a
    shower on mother’s day they wouldn’t have spoken to the entire family for a

  20. Joshua Micah says:

    I can see child services investigating the dad at 1:08 after that freakout.