YouTube is Changing – Smarter Every Day 266

YouTube is Changing – Smarter Every Day 266

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Notre-Dame de Paris

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31 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    “Half of YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice”
    The other half is making sure no one is able to hear it

    • Avana Vana says:

      I think you mean “making sure only some voices are heard”

    • Imię Nazwisko says:

      @Mark Shane Hayden Except YT was not created by Google

    • Jay Janes says:

      To me this seems like the sort of comment that sounds good, but isn’t actually that accurate…

      I think that when people talk about “the algorithm” [i.e. what youtube reccommends to you] on youtube, they’re not necessarily wrong, but they are forgetting about the large search bar at the top of the screen [on desktop, at least]. Sure, there are some serious issues with what people are reccommended automatically, but I feel like half the problem is the reliance [by users, but reinforced by the site] on being given content rather than trying to find it.

    • Dobromir Manchev says:

      Sad but true

    • E Zacher says:

      @Tristan J. Cumpole That is complete b.s.

  2. Mathieu Stern says:

    Thank you Destin for the fun photo project!
    Running around Paris to find the exact same spots and capture it again was like a really cool Indiana Jones adventure!

  3. SmarterEveryDay says:

    A video like this could not thrive on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or even Facebook for that matter. This is my attempt to explain what’s good about YouTube, and to encourage decisions within YouTube’s leadership to consider leaving a bit of money on the table in favor of protecting the beautiful cathedral that they have created for us. Following the short-term numbers will destroy the beautiful thing you have created, but if you stay the course and stay true to Your Voice, I believe the fact that Educational content thrives here on YouTube will ultimately make you win in the end. Thank you to those who work at YouTube for making a platform where beautiful things like this can exist. The challenge now is to fight to keep it this way, when the siren song of more dollars is no doubt trying to pull you away from that which is good.

    • David Loewen says:

      Love your videos Destin! Keep it up! Don’t change your voice and don’t be pressured by anyone. Be yourself!!👍

    • totlyepic says:

      Welcome to capitalism.

    • doomguy says:

      Use shorts as trailers for your own videos. That way you might trick the algorythm and get new people to subscribe to your channel.

    • Matthew Fogelson says:

      First off I’d like to say I love your videos. I’ve been watching since the backward brain bicycle. If you’re interested, in 2013 i went to France on an exchange trip and we went to notre dame and o would be happy to send you photos I have of the inside (assuming I can find them)

    • zN8z says:

      very based

  4. X LessThan Z says:

    The clarity of the after photos compared to before makes me feel how did I ever recognize details within the photos, but back in the day, those shots were beautiful and it’s all we needed to capture the moment. I’m glad technology has given our kids something they can capture the moment with more easily and clearly.

  5. HellEye says:

    This is a super interesting topic. An interesting thought I had some time ago about your channel: It’s definitely moving in the right direction without losing itself. If you extract the essence of most of your videos, it’s basically “I noticed this the other day and did some research, this is what I found out”. It’s childlike wonder combined with a scientific approach. Perfect example of this were magnetic worms from 8 months ago. I remember watching it and thinking “Wow this is exactly like this channel used to be years ago”. But only in the nice nostalgic way, don’t make too many videos like that. I mean it was great but the fact that now you have all these contacts and equipment and opportunities is amazing. But I think it’s important to have this small simple random thing every once in a while. No hardcore engineering or science, just a random guy showing something he finds interesting.
    I’m grateful for all the effort you’re putting into these videos. Also wow when did you hit 10 megasubscribers, congrats Destin!

  6. Aaron Buckner says:

    This is why Destin is the most wholesome creator ever. I’ve watched every single video Love the work! Much love.

  7. David Jasinski says:


    My favorite part of SmarterEveryDay is the reaction of those involved. When the baseball broke Mach 1, the weedwacker line wrapped and unwrapped, the submariners proudly discussed their craft, the snatch blocks lifted an incredible mass, etc, etc…. Each of the moments included the unfiltered responses of those involved. Sheer exaltation, shock, and dismay are all at play here.

    KEEP SHARING THESE MOMENTS! And keep including your friends throughout the world.

    Well done Destin.

  8. Abhi NB says:

    Wow! The way you narrated your point, explained with a lot of detail by drawing a parallel and alluding to the things that are going in a wrong direction in the social world is just amazing! I have never seen anyone explain or draw parallels to any subject better than this.

    Great video! Loved it! Hopefully, YT will listen more to what you have to say regarding the topic and hope that you have struck a chord of integrity, responsibility in at least a few people at YT. It definitely got me thinking and reconsider what to entertain, give attention to and what not to. Amazing!

    Keep the great videos coming!

  9. Leaky Teapot says:

    Destin: “Don’t lose your voice”
    Me: “Oh man, I totally agree with everything Destin says.”

  10. A Mere Creator says:

    Shorts are fast food but long form is a home cooked meal. Yes fast food is popular, but it cannot beat moms cooking. It doesn’t make you feel good in the long term, that’s why I think there will always be a spot for long form videos here on YouTube. Shorts is just an answer to where the attention market is moving towards, and I am not immune to this. Destin you said you are resisting but are not closed to shorts. I am a noob but I can personally vouch that there is value in converting a long form video into a short. It is like distilling an idea to its purest form, it shows whats important, and is just another tool in content creation.

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