Youtube is Restricting My Content

Youtube is Restricting My Content

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  1. RTGame says:

    Thanks again everyone for all the support while this whole mess has unfolded. I don’t like asking but if you care about YouTube as a platform I would encourage sharing this in the hopes of achieving policy change. I’ll see you all tomorrow at 3pm GMT for the Best of 2022 watch session

    • NightRogue says:

      Well, let’s make sure at least that we are electing people that are running on a platform of “OMFG GUB’MENT IZ TEH SUXX0RZ”, which is the only entity that can do anything about this crap. We have all been living through approximately 20 years of little to no government regulation and I wonder how all that is working out for everyone, and wondering when we might get back to taking control of life from profit seeking asshats…

    • Jacob Smith says:

      More likely than not, Youtube will admit they’re wrong somewhere around the heat death of the universe.
      Just make a Patreon, you can at least trust your fans to give you a regular income

    • Connery Spence says:

      I’m ready to leave youtube, please just let us know were to find your contact.

    • blake anderson says:

      Where are you moving to from YouTube.

    • Solar Dolphin says:

      @Pixel Pancakes there is it is called rumble

  2. Zullie the Witch says:

    It’s appalling that YouTube can keep maintaining this absurd lack of transparency, especially when they’re making such dramatic sweeping changes to a system that affects people’s livelihoods. It cannot be fair that we learn about policy changes by someone retroactively getting struck down for violating them, and their approach to the review system is deeply flawed. It’s awful that this happened, RT, every creator is watching their backs now in fear of YouTube’s mood swings.

    • Heilam Wether says:

      Tbh, I’m not that surprised, YT has had it’s fair share of problems, and this isn’t the 1st, just watch scarce vids, it’s practically built on people’s livelihoods being ruined by companies like yt and twitch.

    • MK8 Master! says:

      @Mono Entertainment King The person who made the original comment. “Zullie the Witch”

    • Peter Vigil says:

      @GreyMaria I never said it had to be any one person that makes the change. Long term Youtube will lose money from this, as there are only so many times they can continue with this behavior before people get fed up and sue. The same is true with regards to someone developing a competitor and a mass boycott. The power is ultimately in the people, and therefore this “monopoly” youtube has is borrowed.

    • GreyMaria says:

      @Peter Vigil “Long term” nobody small has the power to actually make change because YouTube continues to hold the monopoly and money is coming from big sources like mainstream newsmedia.

    • N. Stephan says:

      It doesn’t surprise me that YouTube treats creators this poorly, they can get away with it after all*, you’re not their employee and neither are you their customer; same goes for the viewers, were not the customer either. All of us are the product, the real customers are the advertisers. That’s also the reason there are so many misleading advertisements, touting for example “How you can earn money with filling out surveys online!” or “Watch our webinar and learn how to trade stocks using the same methodology and tools as [insert investment bank name]!” 16:24 I’d say the advertisements themselves are also a perfect example of this. An additional example I just remembered; I literally got an advertisement a few days ago for a scam masquerading as a “Mr Beast” giveaway, so not only are they scamming people, they’re also simultaneously using someone’s good name to do it. And what does YouTube do? They happily go along with it of course!
      I’d call it ironic that the advertisements are less regulated than the actual content, but it’s really just depressing.

      *I’ll elaborate a bit more; they’re currently the only option, there’s no real competition, because – from what I can understand – the vast majority of alternatives aren’t sustainable, and thus not suitable. However when such a platform does come along, it only takes one mass migration of popular YouTubers to make said platform the new “YouTube” (for lack of a better term), eventually (if not right away) the audience will go wherever the content is. Although I can also imagine we get a similar occurrence as we got with streaming services; multiple platforms, maybe according to topic.

      (This is a slightly modified and expanded upon excerpt from a separate comment I wrote a moment ago.)

  3. IAmCrusty says:

    They keep placing more mines on the minefield.

    This job is amazing, and you don’t deserve to be so peppered with stress just for doing something (very tame) that makes people happy AND makes YouTube money.

    So sorry you’re going through this! It’s beyond ridiculous.

    • neffdigity dog says:

      @M33f3r They don’t have any media if people stop using the platform. We have the power, and as a group we are in control. That’s why it’s called democracy. If the platform loses it’s viewer base in large amounts then it hurts them and that is the power we have against corruption like this.

    • M33f3r says:

      Which is intentional. The owners don’t want us sheep able to freely communicate and compete with their controlled media.

  4. Devin Brizendine says:

    By their own guidelines, this should also apply to the movies, music/music videos, clips for television or streaming shows, or trailers that violate them. I can almost guarantee you that these are exempt though. Google/YouTube has a very bad double standards problem, and it’s going to drive away so many creators who are tired of or unwilling to put up with this sort of continual treatment.

    • Ultimate Ham Sandwich says:

      @Me A Moose Dont get your hopes up on Tiktok being a replacement for videos as it is just as strike/ban happy as Youtube

    • Deltexterity says:

      @karsten69 saying with absolute certainty that it will happen is the dumbest thing i’ve seen on the internet all month. you seriously think companies like apple, with their “armies” of employees paid minimum wage, can take over governments with hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers and weapons? and it’s not like they can just buy control either, not only do they not have enough money for that, but who the fuck would actually give over control of an entire country voluntarily?

      i think you’re incredibly unrealistically pessimistic about this.

    • Deltexterity says:

      @neffdigity dog what other platform? there are no other platforms to switch to. all the content creators i or anyone else likes upload here, even if there are other platforms they have no one actually making content on them.

    • Me A Moose says:

      @neffdigity dog TikTok is a platform, that while I personally don’t like, seems like an actual competitor to YouTube. If they wanted, they could expand into long form content and offer some real competition against YouTube which would be great!

    • Forgetful Dullahan says:

      If we mass flag them they will have to pay attention. Flag every movie trailer for violence, enough reports and the automated system will take over. Then YouTube will have to explain to them why their shirts going down, and we make sure it keeps going down. If the system applies to dan, it will apply for everyone.

  5. Hayley Johnston says:

    This is outrageous, there are worse offenders on YouTube. I have watched nearly all your videos that you uploaded in 2022 and before and I have never found any issue with them or found them offensive. You have the continued support of myself and my family and I hope this gets resolved quickly.

  6. Superstino says:

    This was a tough watch. You can really tell from the tone and trembling of your voice that this affects you deeply. I hope this will get resolved, but if you do end up deciding to change platforms, know that I and many others will be there for you. All the best, Dan!

  7. The Winglet says:

    How can we improve our content if YouTube refuses to even tell us what we’re doing wrong? It’s just absurd they don’t give us the timestamps they already have. Thanks for speaking out about this, more people need to know how backwards this system is. Really hope you get your videos back, love your content!

    • Towards The Sunset says:

      Get a job.

    • FyrexNL says:

      Youtube is like a cop that pulls you over for a traffic violations and gives you a ticket. When you ask what exactly you did wrong, they just hand you a book on traffic laws and speed off.

    • Emily Collicott says:

      But Youtubes standards of ‘improving’ are idiotic. It’s a tapestry of bullshit.

    • Xyeed says:

      Shocked to see you here but I think you are most relevant to this. For anyone who doesn’t know, Winglet made an amazing SFM (source film maker) animation of the game tf2. It got hit by age restriction pretty fast and they tried their best to edit scenes that could have possibly been the issues (even trying to upload a censored version but also got age restricted). While there is violence in the video it’s the cartoony kind. An example to me is character trying to dodge bullets, thinking they did, and then noticing all their holes and blood and still being alive even after that. That’s like 13 -15+ but nope youtube didn’t like the content and didn’t let them know and so killed their video.

    • MarkStillPlays says:

      @Parody on god this situation reminds me the most of how terrible roblox of a company is

  8. Juliet says:

    I’m oversharing here but for the past few months I’ve been recovering after being hospitalised in a mental health crisis. Your videos were such a comfort when I was struggling to get through the day. You’re so good at what you do and your content brings people so much happiness. I’m disgusted YouTube has treated you this badly. Gonna go and check out your merch now and looking forward to catching the stream! Good luck to you with however you proceed from here

  9. thonk says:

    Hey Dan, I know you’ve already got a twitch, but you should open a patreon we can give to. I dont normally give cash but honestly it’s probably a good idea for video preservation and actually getting paid for your work. I say upload the raw video files for free so people can watch them as you originally intended, then you can figure out some premium stuff. You’ve brought me a lot of laughs and smiles and you deserve the world. Take care, Irish Man.

  10. PoopyDick Parker says:

    Definitely make a Patreon. You’ve been entertaining us for years and a good bit of us will gladly fork over a bit of cash to support you during this garbage

    • WhisperScientist says:

      Content creators shouldn’t have to do this. At the end of the day if people stay on youtube while Youtube takes away their livelihood, forcing viewers to pay them to stay in business, Youtube is stealing from the viewers. Youtube makes money off of content creators. They should pay them.

    • PurpleSaturn726 says:

      I’d say that’s the best course of action honestly. RT has more than earned some IRL money out of my savings for the quality of content he’s produced over the years.

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