YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do

YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do

Happy…uh…bleh Wednesday, Nation. Here we go.
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20 Responses

  1. Solin Jørgensen says:

    The people at google are a bunch of SJW loving, extreme leftist hipster who
    can’t think straight.

    Fuck censorship

  2. Mad Max Power says:

    Maybe the big “controversial” YouTubers should get together and build their
    own video sharing site without censorship.

  3. Rodolfo felix says:

    Someone make a new YouTube I’m serious

  4. dudegu1 says:

    RIP Filthy Frank, RIP Shane Dawson, RIP IDubbz, RIP Maxmoefoe, RIP Sky
    Williams, RIP Dunkey, RIP H3H3, and most of all RIP Harambe.

  5. Chris P. Bacon says:

    I know what to do, get a talkshow on Comedy Central.

  6. CyberKing666 says:

    You could make money on Twitter whattttt

  7. BettyBoo42 says:

    Get rid of Leafy. Get rid of DramaAlert. Get rid of Vegan Gains. But Phil
    doesnt deserve it, neither do the rest of us. Only the problems should be
    gotten rid of, not our heroes.

  8. dx bx says:

    Youtube wants to control the internet through their stance? HAHAHAHA,
    fucking youtube, dont they understand their success is because of the
    users. Everyone should just boycott youtube for a month and they will
    realize that censorship and pushing political correctness is going make
    them lose money.

  9. WatersWife Vlogs says:

    YouTube shut down my vlog where I discussed my stillborn son’s autopsy.
    Trust me, I don’t care about the money. I’m not trying to make money off
    it. But the fact that they add to the stigma and taboo of stillbirth is
    ridiculous. Other people can post gross shit and we can’t talk about real
    life. Makes sense. ?

  10. theflowerhead says:

    I used to love Google so much. I have this nostalgic thing for YT but if
    they treat content creators this way I’m not too happy. I’m more loyal to
    the people and I would follow them off site, YouTube. You need to slow down
    with the changes please. And please don’t go after one of your more
    professional shows, are you crazy?

  11. Chelsea Wolfe says:

    Between you and my other favourite YouTuber (a Mr. Sky Williams) I don’t
    know what to think. Sky isn’t nearly as large of a channel and it’s really
    upsetting to think content could be taken down or unable to be monetized
    just for being touchy. Literally anything can offend anybody, and it’s
    ridiculous trying to be like “you can’t do your thing because someone
    somewhere might be offended.” Sky joked about Keem’s “rightous Alex” moment
    and even though he put the word OFFENSIVE right in his title it might get
    taken down because it was a controversial racial matter. Like what?! How
    rude YouTube… This isn’t just a place for children and SJWs, there’s
    people here that just want to support our favourite content creators. Like
    you said Phil, we guide what is popular with our dollar and our views, but
    how can we do that if YouTube won’t let us? I think we might need the very
    controversial and offensive and surely to be flagged Grade back here again
    to #makeyoutubegreatagain… Again.

  12. coredumperror says:

    That shit with the monetezation shakedown from YouTube is fucking horrible.
    What the fuck is YouTube becoming?

  13. John Hansen says:

    The day after Phil criticizing SJWs and their Bullshit Youtube pulls this
    on him, coincidence, fuck no. The Feminist have started a war against free
    speech and will never stop until they have instituted Oceania. This is
    proof that all those people who commented on Phil’s last video that real
    feminists are like that are wrong!

  14. Bonerstorm says:

    thank god, you’re annoying as fuck

  15. Helblind says:

    Hey YouTube… FUCK YOU!

  16. PugsnotDrugs000 says:

    The past year YouTube has been failing, and seemingly getting worse and

    Someone create a better YouTube… Fast…

  17. Brendan Branson says:

    Children in the future will read in their textbooks:”The decline of YouTube
    began in 2016 CE.”

  18. Skylar Deragon says:

    Hahaha this is on you tubes front page

  19. Josh Edwards says:

    Fuck your feelings you overly sensitive cunts.

  20. Sarah Laine says:

    Why don’t they just add a rating system?!