YouTube Live at E3 2016 – 12 Hours of E3 Live Now!

YouTube Live at E3 2016 – 12 Hours of E3 Live Now!

YouTube Live at E3 – Wall-to-wall coverage of E3, including major press conferences from Xbox, Ubisoft and PlayStation. Join Geoff Keighley and your favorite creators live from Los Angeles. Coverage begins Monday, June 13 at Noon ET / 9 AM PT.

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20 Responses

  1. Best Trap says:


  2. Drunkz HaNDz says:


  3. Cordoba EMS says:

    i am gotta magician bugysoft make came to here so? live is off okey i die n

  4. Drunkz HaNDz says:

    lol new Spider-Man looms lit

  5. Kid Cori says:

    Last time I was this early there were only two genders.

  6. Diego Zapien says:

    What about Pokemon

  7. Car Car Binks says:


  8. syler biersack says:

    gta 6 rockstar games :'(

  9. Marth says:

    Pc master race

  10. syler biersack says:

    quería que salir a rockstar :’v

  11. Extra Rice says:

    Time stamp anyone?

  12. Diego Zapien says:


  13. Joe Patton says:

    god of war and lego starwars looks awesome

  14. Rawyn perceu de melo lima says:

    It’s Brazil!!! ” betches!!!! I’m from Recife!

  15. whitendirty23 says:

    CALL 414-375-0298 NOW!!! FREE CACA!!!?☎?☎ CALL 414-375-0298 NOW!!! FREE

  16. NomiThe _64th says:


  17. Dre Parris says:

    2 weeks ago huh

  18. Undertale_fremir says:

    LEFT 4 DEAD 3

  19. Witcher Heart says:

    Only nice

  20. JY GAMES AND VLOGS says:

    Im early let me make a joke

    My life