YouTube Live at E3 2018 Sunday: Xbox and Bethesda Press Conferences (Official Stream)

YouTube Live at E3 2018 Sunday: Xbox and Bethesda Press Conferences (Official Stream)

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Xbox Press Conference, Bethesda and more video game news live from E3 2018. Join Geoff Keighley and YouTube’s top gaming creators for a day-long celebration of video games live from Los Angeles. Coverage begins at 3 PM ET / Noon PT / 7 PM GMT.

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61 Responses

  1. Nicholas Saman says:

    Fortnite for switch

  2. ابن سيار الخالدي 不 says:

    Please Resident Evil 2 Remak please please please

  3. Legend MonkeyUK says:

    Forza Horizon 4 in the UK please please please i i will cry and I hope it’s not i n japan

  4. Black Burn says:

    gtfo please

  5. AmbergoesHAMber says:

    Anybody else waiting for Halo 6???

  6. XXKiller_Sniper666 says:

    we want minecraft 2

  7. Valerie Allen says:

    Coming Soon:
    Star Wars Battlefront 3…
    With even more micro transactions!!!

  8. BOT STEVE says:

    Skyrim remake for toilet seats

  9. Conservative Active says:

    Note to Microsoft – You made the most powerful console that’s out there, how about making some games for them?

    Also, we need a ‘The Last Night’ update, before Ms Sarkissian has another fit.

    UPDATE: Explosive start from Spencer, then his inner “Sarkissian” kicked in – FAIL.

    • Cherrys Sandbox says:

      Actually if you compared the specs of the xbox one s and the ps4 pro, or the xbox one and the ps4, the ps4 is more powerful in both cases. Furthermore the only reason the xbox is coined as the most powerful console is because Microsoft announced it as “the most powerful console” as it was being released. Anyone with a tech brain or rather anyone with a brain could simply look at the specs of each console and realise the truth that the ps4 is more powerful, and most people know this and realise it the only people who don’t are unaware of the specs of each console side by side, or are Xbox fanboys who dare to think the specs of the ps4 are somehow falsified because they can’t get their puny brain wrapped around the idea that xbox could possibly be less powerful.

      PS4 is a multi-faceted console with plenty of unique features and a bustling library of worthwhile exclusives. Players looking for expansive JRPGs and niche experiences will find so much to love PS4, as well as gaining the upper hand in performance with the majority of third-party titles. PS4 Pro has come into its own since its release, offering benefits beyond its 4K upscaling with its newly introduced Boost Mode. PlayStation VR is the cherry-on-top for PS4 owners, so long as you’re willing to invest in the fancy new peripheral.

      Xbox One is also a brilliant option to consider, boasting the likes of Halo, Forza and Gears of War under its blockbuster umbrella. Ever since Phil Spencer took charge of the brand we’ve seen the focus shift towards games, despite the cancellation of high-profile exclusives like Scalebound.
      You also have Xbox Play Anywhere, a service that gives you 2 digital games for the price of one across Xbox One and Windows 10. The recent release of Xbox One S will more than certainly keep us entertained until the arrival of Project Scorpio later this year.

    • imnotahero22 road to 1000 subs says:

      Chill out and dont be dicks your both gamers chill

    • Not4naME says:

      Cherrys Sandbox As a pc and console gamer it’s these kinds of people that trigger me. Yes the PS4 has a better library than the Xbox one but the X is definitely more powerful than the pro no doubt, you didn’t even go into any of the specs of the consoles themselves. Firstly, the CPU is clocked slightly higher than the PS4’s at 2.3ghz compared to 2.1. The gpu inside is at 6.0 teraflops compared to the PS4’s 4.2, and at a 1.17ghz clock compared to the 900mhz clock, 4 extra CUs and 12gbs of gddr5 compared to 8gbs(?) (I heard there might be “extra”, but still lower than the X) Btw, I am not I Microsoft fanboy. PS4 is definitely the better console but please don’t mislead people.
      Oh yeah also playstation VR is a joke.

    • Joshua Boudreau says:

      that’s just literally not true, @cherry sandbox… the One X is absolutely more powerful. Not that it really matters, practically, but it factually is more powerful.

  10. Miluś Heinz says:

    I wait for Cyberpunk 2077…who too?

    • Maxime Joly says:

      the god damn PLANET is waiting since 6 YEARS for Cyberpunk 2077 XD

    • Theoretical Physics says:

      That, death stranding, es6, smash, rdr2, and doom eternal

      Only one thing can make me more hyped though for cb2077: valve counting to 3 with half-life (hey, I mean if es6 and DMC 5 can finally happen…)

    • Theoretical Physics says:

      Maxime Joly it’s almost been 2077 days, 2077 days ago was sometime in October 2012

  11. sanicbear bear says:

    anybody else waiting for despacito 2?

  12. e.t. says:

    imagine if elder scrolls 6 was revealed at e3 this year lmao

  13. sasuke uchiha says:

    Fortnite on switch

  14. QSMarquês says:

    BRs se manifestem kkkk

  15. GDgameplay says:


  16. Mulinaster says:

    The introduction of iJustine killed this stream for me. Ditzy brainless blonde who only plays Nintendo first-party games, uses Apple products, has a giant Amiibo and dollie collection, and bakes cakes. She’s not even that attractive; Plain Jane face for the plebs and normies.

  17. Emerald Splash says:

    I want Just Cause 4🔥🔥👌👌👌💞💞💪💪

  18. Damon Ian Salvatore Somerhalder says:

    kingdom hearts 3 4:15:00

  19. Memetastic says:

    *E* 3

  20. Our Founding Liars says:

    Hmm… E3… Evil 3rdreich. Investigate E3. Keep asking questions.

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