YouTube Music Key beta

Announcing the YouTube Music Key beta. Enjoy music without ads, take your music offline so you can play it anywhere and keep the music playing in the background. Learn more:

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19 Responses

  1. Pulsa Rec says:

    YouTube lanza Music Key Aplicación de pago tipo “Spotify” por 9,99€/mes

  2. Le Blog du Modérateur says:

    Music Key : Google officialise la version payante de YouTube ! 

  3. Ananda Kalupathirana says:

    Corrine almeida songs

  4. Kane Resurrected says:

    *Everything is ad-free for me anyways, I use programs that filter ads on my
    PC and smartphone.*

  5. Matthew Finger says:


  6. SiteW says:

    C’est officiel Google lance YouTube Music Key, son service de musique
    payant !

    #musickey #Youtube #google 

  7. Spineless Laugh says:

    smettetela di caricare i video di gattini su +YouTube, tanto a breve
    visualizzeremo (a pagamento) solo gli album di *Miley Cyrus*.
    c’hanno preso tutto.

    – *ma YouPorn?*
    – *no, quello resiste ma non ti dico cosa ci fanno con i gattini.. lì.*

  8. Relojo Asenime says:

    Ad-free, offline and background music is now yours on +YouTube​ with Music

    Anyone actually interested in this over Play Music or Spotify? 

  9. George Blackman Films says:

    boring af now cause all I see is the same shit over and over and the people
    who used to vlog and have videos are rarely seen anymore. And it is even
    harder than before to gain subscribers and/or views cause the videos that
    “made YouTube, youtube” might as well be hidden.

  10. Fabio Silva says:


  11. ds37 says:

    Gee could we please also have background listening/viewing for regular
    youtube videos? Thanks!

    – Everyone

  12. GrywalnyNiegrywalny says:

    Polska zdecydowanie tego nie lubi! 

  13. nathaniel abriol says:

    Damn looking at the old interface of Youtube I’m feel old right now

  14. Cubeo Ho says:

    Phim xes viet.con

  15. Roma Computer Center says:

    Google annuncia Youtube Music Key
    #Beta #Youtube #Music #Musickey #Offline #Play 

  16. Think Marketing y Publicidad says:

    #YouTube anuncia su servicio de música en #streaming
    #YouTubeMusicKey es el nombre de este nuevo servicio, el cual permitirá
    escuchar discos completos en alta calidad, ver videos sin comerciales,
    reproducir clips en segundo plano en el caso de las apps y acceso a
    canciones incluso sin conexión. La suscripción tendrá un costo de 9.99
    dólares al mes, y también incluirá acceso a las más de 30 millones de
    canciones en Google Play Music.

  17. Laurent Majois says:

    Music Key : Google officialise la version payante de YouTube ! 

  18. RuxPlay says:

    Omg 100 comment 😀 and 1090th sub :D

  19. turbo pascal says:

    Does anyone have a list of videos that appeared in this one?