YouTube Shooting: Woman Identified As Nasim Aghdam, 39, Suspected Of Wounding 3

YouTube Shooting: Woman Identified As Nasim Aghdam, 39, Suspected Of Wounding 3

Her father told CBS2 News late Tuesday that he had warned YouTube of his daughter’s anger toward the video-sharing company. Tom Wait reports from San Bruno.

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  1. Drbolla345 says:


    • CacaPooPooPeePeeShire says:

      Elizabeth Again virginia tech?

    • FredrickTesla says:

      She’s not “white”. Racists judge people based on the color of their skin. But if we’re talking heritage, Arab is technically the name you’re looking for. Though most don’t use it anymore, the differences between Arab cultures being so wide, they tend to default to country of origin. Most Iranians are muslims, and westerners get accused of being Islamophobic all the time, yet the other muslims, africans, and persians that kill muslims regularly are never accused of this. Basically, if she’s “white”, there’s no such thing as islamophobia. Because you just called all of those groups “whites.” And if she’s not, the narrative that “white males” are the only ones attempting to shoot people is yet again, false. Either way, the bullshit narratives are taking a hit on this one.

    • King Christophis says:

      Honestly, the point is that most mass shootings coordinate fairly equally with population distribution. 60% or so of the us is white and a very similar statistic to mass shootings are done by white people, 13% black same deal. It doesn’t vary that much

    • Jimmy Zappa says:

      It’s the “White enough” fad that’s going on.

    • Edit Name says:

      Drbolla345 you know what they say , the future is female

  2. Random Crusader says:

    She Dindu Nuffin

  3. Realtalk says:


    • fsffsa5325324 says:

      It’s a blood bath in California, I’m happy either way.

    • Realtalk says:

      Peter Beadle Just pointing out FAKE NEWS. Saying she’s from California when clearly she’s from Iran or Syria, is an obvious lie to soften public opinion on crimes committed by refugees and immigrants while undermining american culture. I’M from Southern California. I don’t talk like that nor act like that.

    • AwesomeGuy says:

      Realtalk It’s a personal thing – some people take it “to come from” to mean where they live or where they were born. So no, it’s not that they were lying to push a liberal agenda, they just went for one meaning over the other

    • Sina Nemati says:

      Realtalk Hey dumbass, they’re saying it in GENERAL that southern Californians are more violent. And Fuck off on that iran shit, white extremists shoot up schools all the time. So go fuck yourself.

  4. 1st Amendment Supporter says:

    Fake news initially reported the woman shot a boyfriend. Fakestream media and YouTube censorship are just as evil.

  5. Lille Legenden says:

    She looks like a robot

  6. 8 billion views says:

    Very looooooong neck

  7. Dick Rubber says:

    How’s that censorship working?

    • Actual Research says:

      Dick Rubber I know right! Youtube, a private company, should let weird psychos post whatever they want online just so that they dont shoot innocent people. Its all youtube’s fault

    • CentralPerson says:

      This is the beginning

    • Alonso Martin says:

      Dick Rubber As a private company, YouTube can censor whatever the fuck they want. Don’t like their policies, simply leave. Not justification for shooting up a company

    • Seth Perry says:

      Dick Rubber
      I don’t like stopping in red lights, does that mean I should shoot people?

  8. Travis Kraft says:

    More Peta members have now done mass shootings than NRA members.

    • II HyperSh0T II says:

      Travis Kraft *u again…*
      Nigga u do know that the NRA have zero to nothing to do w/ this shooting whatsoever right?
      Imma tell u this straight up. NO NRA member has *EVER* committed a crime or felony, let alone a *fucking mass shooting* Jesus Christ!!

      Boi idk what you’ve been smoking lately b/c I can bet on *BOTH* my Left & Right nut that those two groups have *nothing* associated w/ this event.
      (When you’re gonna say something, don’t just state something without any *Reasoning* or *EVIDENCE* to *support your claim.)*

    • Victor Von Deathstroke says:

      Friendly reminder. There have been zero mass shooting done by known nra members in the last 51 years. If you want to see that fact your self literally just Google how many mass shooters have been nra members. There are tons of sources. Know your facts. The left has far crazier people than the right.

    • II HyperSh0T II says:

      Victor Von Deathstroke another sane person in this shithole we call a comment section.
      Honestly, ever since I’ve grown out of being a child…bro WTF happened to the world man seriously…

      *What tf Happened. How did everything go wrong.*

    • Tyler Belanger says:

      NerdieKitten “Metal health and NRA”

    • Victor Von Deathstroke says:

      II HyperSh0T II common sense was abandoned around the time the internet was formed and people could have information on tap followed but false information that people would rather believe then what reality truly is. In other words, as soon as people could spread sugar coated lies and disguise them as fact, people would rather take that as the truth then what the harsh reality really is. That harsh reality is the same people who preach about free speech and democracy hate it if it doesn’t go their way. Ie. Liberals.

  9. TheChosen_1 says:

    What is up with this chicks neck!

  10. the heidelbergensis for red october says:

    The defense for this woman on this video regardless of what they are saying her motive was is pretty goddamn disturbing. And we wonder why we REALLY keep having so many mass shootings in this country…

    • Avery says:

      Yo what the fuck does that have to do with anything

    • E DV says:

      Angus Wesley what happened in the mass shooting of a mosque in Canada?

    • Thomas Barton says:

      I dont think mass shooters are necessarily insane I think its more about an existential narcissism that plagues a lot of people in 1st world countrys. I believe its the same mindset that makes people suicidal, abuse drugs, and commit crimes they clearly didnt have to do.

    • E DV says:

      Sun Diamonds we should ban guns to immigrants instead. Leave us real americans in peace with our guns. We dont shoot no one.

    • the heidelbergensis for red october says:

      Everybody who has been coming at me about this black on black bullshit and guns in general, DO realize I never even took a stance on gun availability with my comment right? If you were even remotely intelligent it would of been easy to see I was practically alluding to guns NOT being the sole cause of such violent outbursts with how I said, *”REALLY* keep.” And @Moashe, yes, blacks want to keep doing criminal things that lead to violence because of a lack of education and a lack of law enforcement in black communities. Of course *LAWS* are not going to effect black communities when there’s no one there *ENFORCING* them.

  11. T Bay says:

    The media only show her “bizarre” dancing vids. I checked out her website which shows You Tube took down her activist and political vids.

  12. Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX} says:

    I knew this would eventually happen. It’s crazy that it actually did. I wish the wounded a speedy recovery.

  13. BullShark says:

    she posts videos about veganism and music videos not stuff about free speech or dictatorship. she was demonetized due to her channel being too small as they changed the requirements to more subs and hours watched in order to qualify for monetization

  14. heeey Devon says:

    Funny how people act like this is the first instance of a YouTuber killing someone.
    Trey Eric Sesler: The YouTuber who focused mainly on guns and ended up killing his mother, father, and brother and planned to perform a school shooting after.

    Pekka-Eric Auvinen: the YouTuber who killed 9 people, who’s channel was predominantly about his guns.

    Anders Breivik: killed 77 people, he made Youtube videos about the danger of Islam and Marxism.

    Jared Lee Loughner: A conspiracy YouTuber, who loved Alex Jones and killed 6 people while trying to assassinate a Congresswoman.

    Anthony Powell: The white supremist YouTuber who stalked and killed a black, female, YouTuber, Asia McGowan.

    Elliot Rodgers: the YouTuber who made many videos about how women are all terrible, then went on a killing spree, killing his roommates, 6 other people and injuring 14 others in his attempt to get revenge on women everywhere.

  15. J says:

    YouTube bans gun channels… gets shot up by a crazy leftists vegan with a phlemgy sounding last name. Ahahhahahahahahahahahahah

  16. Nexus Hexus says:

    The Extreme Left strikes again.

  17. Cantal0upe Draws says:

    And she isn’t making groundbreaking news and receiving hate, why? Oh. I know why.

    Because she’s a not a white male. (And being that they haven’t revealed her gun of choice, I’m assuming she didn’t use an assault rifle.)

    • enigmagtx says:

      Cantal0upe Draws only libs use the word assault rifle. There is no such thing just like how smg and lmg don’t exist. U liby

    • Giovanna says:

      Because no one died but her

    • Liana Bautista says:

      #2 on trending?

    • Marianne Zito says:

      It’s the same thing as this Stephon Clark shit.. You have a white officer and a chimp officer who killed a career criminal/sex offender who was vandalizing innocent peoples cars and then resisted arrest. But, just because it’s a white cop shooting an illegitimate groid then there’s an OUTRAGE! Where’s the national media attention when 30 negroes get murdered by their own kind during a Chicago weekend? There is none because 1. it’s so common that we all have become immune to it. 2. There’s no white man to blame. The negro race has to hold themselves accountable.

    • Alonso Martin says:

      Marianne Zito No one is going to listen to you this way. You make good points (That I actually agree with), but why the fuck do you have to use derogatory and racists terms?

  18. Maria Luke says:

    Sad that her emotions flooded into this rampage of violence. If she had just honed it to make non-violent protests at their headquarters she likely would have been a hero. Now she’s just another pawn to polarize the political climate even more.

    Damn it, Nasim. You could’ve been the voice we needed. Not the terror we never wished for.

  19. Ashtyn&Jon2.0 says:

    you know, she is right, but to shoot them up is pretty fudged up.

  20. Alex Jones says:

    So is YouTube gonna demonetize itself?

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