YouTube star Corey La Barrie killed in car crash in Valley Village | ABC7

YouTube star Corey La Barrie killed in car crash in Valley Village | ABC7

Authorities say the crash involving a McLaren sports car happened in the 4900 block of Carpenter Avenue in Valley Village at about 9:40 p.m. The driver hit a pole and then a tree, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but a passenger was killed. LAPD confirmed that the accident was related to the death of Corey La Barrie.

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48 Responses

  1. Karina Lopez says:

    still can’t believe it I just hope that he found peace and knew how much he was loved

    • lAlAlEE1123 says:

      Karina Lopez Loved? Yeah great friends he had the night he died. Let him leave with another drunk driver, then the driver tried to leave the scene🤣🤣🤣 VERY LOVED I’M SURE.

    • Karina Lopez says:

      lAlAlEE1123 I was talking about his fans and everyone that supported him :/ I’m actually upset that no one stopped either of them from getting into that car

    • hello abi says:

      @lAlAlEE1123 he has great friends Daniel Silva is just disgusting he was Very loved by millions and had so many people In his life who loved him so much

  2. Amber Frangipani says:

    gone but never forgotten. rest in peace corey 🕊

  3. Jaiwolfgamin x says:

    It’s scary to me how 24 hours ago he posted a video saying it was his birthday and he’s gonna get a little drunk

  4. CaptainSal says:

    life snatched away, just like that. Be Responsible..

    • Virdi :D says:

      It doesn’t make that much sense but…
      “Nobody does virgin, life fucks us all”
      The second part does

  5. Pearly Gate's says:

    Left this world the same day he came into this world. Do not take reckless chances in this life. Could be a fatal mistake. Life is to precious to play with.

  6. ok buddy says:

    my brain cannot comprehend what’s happened- im telling myself it’s fake but, i keep seeing “rip corey” and reality kicks in again and i just feel empty, i can’t fathom what his friends and family must be going through, i’m going to have to accept that this is real, rip corey baby 😭❤️

    • Vaneisha Nair says:

      I thought it was some sick joke JC & Crawford was pulling on Corey when I saw that first post then I realized it wasn’t.. until this second I can’t believe this is all real? I want to just wake up from this nightmare & know that Corey is not fkn dead. God this sucks..

    • ok buddy says:

      Vaneisha Nair me too, i saw some tweets and figured it was a prank until i went onto google and saw the news, my heart dropped to my stomach, this feels like a nightmare

    • Vaneisha Nair says:

      ok buddy I literally don’t think I’ll be able to recover from this. I don’t know how? Imagine if this is how connected we feel towards Corey just by watching him through the screen, imagine the pain that Kian,JC and the rest of that group of friends are going through right now. All we can do at this point is just to pray that Corey has a smooth journey to heaven <3

    • lauren jauregui is perfect says:

      @Fnu Lnu bruh what

    • Mya Harrington says:

      @ok buddy it’s so surreal I can’t imagine how life is going to go on.

  7. Karen Le says:

    Man.. i honestly thought this was all a joke and that tomorrow he would come back and be his funny self. Rest in peace corey. The world will miss you. 😣

    • A Q says:

      I also thought it was fake or a joke but then I googled it and felt so bad. This is so heartbreaking. He will forever be missed

  8. Justme Yram says:

    Don’t drink and drive!! Please don’t drink and drive!!! Especially get in a car with a drunk driver. It’s not worth it.

  9. rosario alberici says:

    rip corey, fly high❤

  10. Luna 97 says:

    My heart is so heavy I can’t put my mind into it

  11. Danielle M says:

    The only reason I could possibly imagine why this happened to him is that he was put on this earth to share a message though YouTube and with his death causes millions of young viewers to learn about how not to drive drunk or get into a vehicle with a drunk driver. Also learn about how life is finate, and his last title being “i’m going to delete this video in 24 hours” shows how to cherish every moment of your life because 24 hours is not guaranteed. Hopefully he will save lives even though he unfortunately lost his own. R.I.P.

    • Dallas Butts says:

      Said to perfection. Kids and adults need to learn this. Alcohol is not a joke. It’s a killer.

    • daissy says:

      Black Jesus don’t be an ass, he had a lot of young viewers that could be impacted by this immensely and if this is what stops them then so be it. there’s no problem in that.

    • Daryns _world says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. I’m a firm believer that everything is meant to happen for a reason. But sometimes it’s just so hard to believe that such tragic things can happen like this and that there’s a good enough reason as for why. One of my best friends died in a car accident on the freeway. It wasn’t even his fault. Total freak accident. And out of everyone in the car and the multiple cars involved, he was the only person that died out of everyone. I still try to figure out the reason why every so often. He was only 18. Didn’t even get to start his life. So idk. But life isn’t a meaningless thing. You can’t just leave for no reason I think. So idk but god bless him, his friends and his family. Rest In Peace buddy ❤️

    • Black Jesus says:

      daissy sometimes it’s necessary aren’t u aware the damage drunk driving can do to families a lot of ppl lost their parents or children all because someone was to ignorant to call for a Uber

    • zoda says:

      No, i think it happened to him because he got in a car with a drunk driver

  12. stefanie terceros says:

    forever in our hearts, rest in peace Corey La Barrie🖤🕊

  13. Savvy Joyce says:

    the fact that his “friend” attempted to flee. this is so unreal to me. corey literally seemed so sweet & genuine. why is it always the ones who aren’t driving who deal with the consequences. i hope your soul is at rest 💕

    • Leah Woolston says:

      @carolina direito that’s what I’ve been trying to say

    • carolina direito says:

      GimmeYourJuice exactly he knew what the consequences could be. I’m not defending anyone I’m just saying

    • Nirvana says:

      please dont forget that he people are in shock after something like this happens.. dont think that he thought about getting arrested and tried to flee because of it.. probably didnt know what to do and was in shock

    • Kim Jong-Un says:

      lAlAlEE1123 the dumbass Corey decided to get in the car don’t blame it on the driver only lmao either way the guy was gonna drive Corey didn’t need to get in the car his fault he’s dead

    • Everyday V says:

      carolina direito look at u trying to justify some shit. Just just your fucking mouth ok

  14. Rae says:

    why just why he was one of the people that made me laugh even when all I wanted to do if cry. rest in paradise Corey we will always love you and miss you

  15. Mariah says:

    i legit thought this was a joke when i woke up and saw “rip corey” trending. i thought it was like he deleted his yt channel or something but when i saw all the tweets my heart dropped and i instantly became sick. i wanted to throw up and cry. i cannot comprehend what his family and friends are going through and the fact that chelsey, jc and crawford all have to go home, the home they shared with corey, and walk past his bedroom everyday breaks my heart. idk how they are going to do it and idk how his family will recover from such tragic loss but i wish them all the best. i hope they seek council bc watching someone die is traumatic and i hope that they don’t ever blame themselves in anyway. yes this was preventable and is 100 percent the drivers fault and they had no clue it was going to turn out this way so i just don’t want them to focus on the “what ifs”. it still doesnt feel real but i wish that they will grow stronger together and know that corey did not die in vain and that a lesson has been learned by this *awful* event. 💕

  16. MY RULES says:

    Uber, uber why don’t these kids get uber when they get drunk or have a sober friend drive them.

  17. Diana A says:

    I didn’t know him personally and I feel terrible. I can’t imagine what his friends & family are going through right now. Fly high Corey, forever in our hearts ❤️.

  18. Moriah Loewer says:

    He didn’t deserve to die in a car alone… he deserved so much more in life 😕 fly high Corey

  19. Taryn says:

    I can’t imagine how his friends must be feeling right now, knowing that they didn’t stop Corey or Daniel from getting into that car, despite both of them being drunk.

  20. Hannah Crowhurst says:

    I don’t get why Daniel Silva tried to flee the scene even though he was injured. Well lucky enough Crawfords brother Christian was fast enough to chase after him and get him back.

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