Youtube’s new policy is restricting videos that includes swears. What if we made the word ‘Youtube’ a swear?

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24 Responses

  1. RTGame says:

    Youtube is such a Youtube, and I hope everyone finds this video a Youtube

    I had to title this video just Youtube to prevent it from being flagged. It turns out if you include the phrase ‘swear word’ in the title of a video, it gets flagged for swearing. Despite not having any than the word Youtube.

  2. Viviko says:

    This is a youtube idea, actually. If we keep this up for long enough, eventually, YouTube simply won’t know what to do and we can act as a spire in their side. Honestly, YouTube is such a morgana for all of this and you’re such a squinky for crafting this youtube idea. Thank you, RT. You truly are a youtube! <3

  3. Aludra Kijurorin says:

    I’m so glad Dan found such an important use of his English degree in his streaming career. That’s so Youtube of him.

  4. Mari says:

    When RTGame said “You’re such a YouTube, YouTube” and proceeded to call everyone a YouTube, it was truly a YouTube moment of all time

  5. Roberto Cavallo says:

    I absolutely LOVE IT. From the description of the peculiar irish skill with language to the roast to YouTube’s last policies. I can tell, this is a certified YouTube video.

  6. Eugene Nalpin says:

    This idea is an absolute youtube! I really hope that a lot of creators will jump in on this, just to make YouTube realize how much of a youtube they’ve become.

  7. Dreamzie Waro says:

    This is such a Youtube idea. We need this to go trending so that everyone can understand just how Youtube it really is.

  8. Soapy Fae says:

    I love the massive levels of spite and pettiness behind this video something only a total youtube like Dan could come up with and actually try snd follow through on

  9. coilover cat says:

    this is actually an incredible idea. By making youtube so incredibly confusing with layers upon layers of specific culture and slang, it becomes unfriendly to new users, forcing youtube to do something.

    I’ve never been blessed with a more youtube idea

  10. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    Honestly my mom can be a bit of a Rowling occasionally. It makes me more grateful for the squinkies in my life. Thanks RT for this truly Youtube idea.

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