Youtuber Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet

Youtuber Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet

I hate this. I hate this more than most any story I’ve had to cover in the past year. Someone who gave themselves to people, and had so much more to offer, taken away in their prime at such a young age. ALSO Video notes: This video will not be monetized because I feel like the message and news is whats important here and this is not a normal day for me to upload a story like this, so it would have felt dirty, especially since this hits so close to home for our community.

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20 Responses

  1. DroidSage says:

    Must have been a very horrible performance if it angered someone so much to
    take a gun and shoot her. ah well Rest in peace

  2. katiebug080592 says:

    Rest in peace Chirstina you will be missed.

  3. Phoenix King says:

    Hey man, just fyi in the future, these videos are amazing, but random
    foreigners are being stupid and bringing politics into this.

  4. Felipe Gomez says:

    I’m gonna say something, it seems very weird to me that everytime that
    there’s a crazy shooter or just a random person going into an event or an
    institution to shoot up the place it’s most of the time if not always in
    the US. So should we talk gun regulations? Yes we should. Why do people
    think that the country will stay the same regardless of wether there is gun
    control or not? Other countries don’t sell guns so easily and you don’t see
    these things happen so often. Rest in peace to Christina Grimmie, hopefully
    she will be the beacon of hope we all needed to finally release that if the
    lack of resources won’t kill us, we surely will end up killing each other.
    Such a hateful and dark world we live in. Thank you for reporting this
    Phil, it’s necessary that these tragedies never go unnoticed.

  5. Wily Coyote says:

    Thank you for going dark. As much as I enjoy the content and getting my
    news on your channel. Very respectful Phil

  6. Julia Khoury says:

    You’re actually the best, Phil!

  7. Tommy Honling says:

    Fuck guns

  8. Vincent Tucker says:

    So JB gets beat up, but Grimmie gets murdered? How is this fair?

  9. SeanTheDev says:

    Phil, please disable these comments. Everyone is arguing about gun control,
    but what matters here is spreading the word about Christina and the amazing
    person she was, but everyone here is fighting about gun control? Guys, just
    stop please. This isn’t a time or place for you to argue over whether you
    love guns or not, this is a time or place to offer your condolences for an
    innocent girl who has died. Don’t make an example of her to support your
    stance on gun control. We’re better than this.

  10. Brandon Bordonaro says:

    This is complete bs, not because someone used a gun to kill to kill her or
    that they killed a Youtuber, but just the fact that someone would kill
    someone else. I know from experience that having someone close to you dies
    is terrible especially if they are very young such as Christina because it
    is so unexpected if they do not have an illness. The person that killed
    Christina didn’t just kill her but they also ruined the lives of her
    friends, family, and viewers. It’s wrong to kill someone but it makes me
    sick to see someone kill a content creator that so many people loved and/or
    kill someone that has changed so many people’s live’s. My condolences go
    out to the loved ones of Christina Grimmie.

  11. howtobeabeast says:

    To all americans choosing to disregard all other ideals and ignoring advise
    from the rest of the world.
    So when someone gets shot and dies you stay quiet and let it be? All your
    points saying that America is great and that we shouldn’t talk about guns
    but instead mourn her death lacks so much logic. It’s like saying if a town
    of people die due to a disease you should mourn the dead and do nothing
    instead of looking for a cure. Honestly, i’m so frustrated by people who
    choose to keep quiet about issues yet moan about the consequences from not
    taking action.

  12. Oliver Hill says:

    this was a great video, thank you dude

  13. Killer Bee says:

    Didn’t think this was real at first. I had to look into it and found this
    vid. And to think I was a subscriber to her and smiled whenever she loaded
    a new vid. She will be missed

  14. ALPHA DESIGN Creative Studio says:

    People that say this is not the time or the place to debate about gun
    ownership only do it because they don’t want this tragedy to stop their gun
    love. And that’s actually fucked up and disgusting.

  15. Michael Mich says:

    Wtf is wrong with the world. Christina was such a kind and warm hearted
    person. This is some heartbreaking news. May her beautiful soul rest in

  16. Gilson Verdezoto says:

    Damn, I literally started listening to her covers yesterday, that’s crazy
    damn that sucks

  17. Wingman Wil says:

    Thankyou phil?

  18. GermanCitizen says:

    well usa could ban guns. I’m glad i life in germany

  19. Erika Pineda says:

    NOOOOO ????my IDOLLL ?????

  20. J.D. Ferguson says:

    We are worried about people from other continents killing our own, when the
    hatred its also between us..