YouTuber PewDiePie Starts an Empire

YouTuber PewDiePie Starts an Empire

PewDiePie, Dodger, Markiplier, Cinnamon Toast Ken, CutiePieMarzia, EmmaBlackery, Jacksepticeye, Jelly, and Kwebbelkop unite.


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20 Responses

  1. ratty1864 says:

    Why the fuck was Allen rickmen just squeezed into the end of a video
    Doesn’t even get to be in the title
    So bloody disrespectful

    Every other notable dead gets there own video but what
    You couldn’t be bother

  2. Navindu Amarakoon says:


  3. mike heads says:

    How come there is no video about Lemmy? 70 and died from cancer. Does no
    one care about brilliant musicians if they are not mainstream

  4. britishhedgehog says:

    the irony of Steve zaragoza calling someone else grating

  5. DaughterOfTinúviel says:

    Please go back to the old format :(

  6. Laffy98 says:

    you dident mention lemmy killminster. if you gonna name the celebritys that
    died recently you shoulde mentioned lemmy killminster

  7. sailormoonie44 says:

    Are you fucking serious? How incredibly disrespectful.

  8. Eric Cruz says:

    Having pewdiepie story over Alan Rickman was not in good taste in my

  9. Smegma says:

    Pewdiepie is about to become a bajillionaire. Revelmode is a very smart

  10. Zgamer7 says:

    The boy is the original IH

  11. UnderdogIQ22 says:

    Death of Youtube.

  12. money talk says:

    Fuck boy

  13. Obsessed With Taylor Swift says:


  14. XcoolguyisabeastX 100 says:

    lol it f****** said under the video teen titans go bruh

  15. Lilly Lamothe says:


  16. CozyEntertainer says:

    gggaaaaahhhh maker noooo they killed yfm

  17. Arianna Harley says:

    it would have been smarter do separate vids for Rickman not cool dude but I
    love pewds

  18. berenice zaragoza says:

    Zaragoza is my middle name

  19. Nick Bowen says:

    Legalize pot so we can stop dying from cancer.

  20. LovelyLexie says:

    OHHH my goooood