Youtuber Ray William Johnson Sued?

Youtuber Ray William Johnson Sued?

►►The Oscars Get Rocked… Chris Rocked!

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20 Responses

  1. HoneycombTPM says:

    It’s called “xenophobia” and it’s not going to win Donald Trump the
    presidency at this rate.

  2. Reveille says:

    Figures, I select clickbait and I get Bullshit BLM propoganda

  3. EpiclyMad says:

    the lack of information in this video is a bismal

  4. James Munsell says:

    So obviously reading a script.

  5. Lewis Gardner says:

    I thought this was a ray William Johnson video and he was coming back. sad

  6. uzamakichild says:

    barely addressed the title story. dissatisfied

  7. Brody Cullen says:

    Let them know in the comments so they can never respond or even look

  8. Sherman Herritt says:


  9. Evan Draper says:

    there’s not enough wight people on btv wose racest now

  10. Perdedor42o says:

    Am I the only one who lost it at the chick in the background with the Black
    Panther sunglasses? Bruh, I’m dyin’ xD

  11. Yung Wolfo says:

    C L I C K B A I T

  12. Biggy Hughes says:

    glad he is being sued punk ass bitch

  13. Defrap22 says:

    this guy’s gotta make eye contact with the camera, not just the script

  14. Nexcyus says:

    nothing will ruin the respect I have to for Ray William Johnson. So tell me

  15. Nesslo Least says:

    Woah sourcefed on the trending page.. Congrats

  16. Owen McNulty says:

    Those anti-white bitches are BLM supporters. If they had actually just gone
    into a trump rally there’s no way they have just gotten kicked out for
    being black. That’s such bullshit. They did something to deserve it.

  17. Ebenezer Griswald says:


  18. KING LORT says:

    that rapist can go die

  19. The Angered Grandpa Show says:

    reminds me of a black version of SxePhil 😉 Thumbs up!

  20. bryphi77 says:

    PR for google, and race pimping… You are well on your way to being a real
    media outlet… That intelligent people dont watch. This vid was about 80%
    pure propaganda. If you dont see it… Consider yourself an american