YouTuber Sees MURDER While Streaming, PewDiePie Calls Out Comments, TmarTn’s Back, Joey Salads

YouTuber Sees MURDER While Streaming, PewDiePie Calls Out Comments, TmarTn’s Back, Joey Salads

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18 Responses

  1. ‫جوليا جونيه‬‎ says:

    ABOUT time you have to go back

  2. Obnition says:

    “and the stream just abruptly ended like that. Which is very very weird.”
    How retarded could you be why would he keep the stream going, as he said
    people were watching on the stream si he couldn’t say his phone number. I
    don’t see any reason why he would keep the stream going, it’s a serious
    situation not something to still be streaming through. Scarce is so idiotic
    and says the same thing over and over. The only words he knows are fukin,
    like wtf, I don’t know man. Don’t get how people can watcu his shit and be

  3. lengua muerta says:

    it’s the purge lite

  4. Jhoary Garcia says:

    was the murder on tv?

  5. Isaac Acosta says:

    Hey guys what up it’s scarce here and today we have a pretty big topic
    fousey tube a youtubere with millions of subscribers apparently has beef
    with ricegum. No fucken way guys this huge. This is some crazy shit guys.

  6. TheRaellz says:

    Alex was on the very next night streaming from his car like nothing
    happened so I’m going to call BS on him.

  7. Zer Goot says:

    Scarce can you report about a small youtuber called Sir Havoc who is a
    small world of tanks youtuber with 30 thousand subs, his mother passed away
    recently and he made a video about her trying to raise attention to 2
    places which helped him mum survive

  8. Gabriel Calderwood says:

    I can’t believe Alex Ramirez’s fans would do that, he deserves his job back
    in the next 72 hours. If you agree then spread this message

  9. ByGio99 says:

    OF HIS VIDEOS!!!!!

  10. jim says:

    0:33 what does the text look like ?
    0 0

  11. Sidney Meyers says:

    I feel bad for this guy. Pokemon Go destroys lives.

  12. Bacon Burgers says:

    Robbers at pokemon go locations, more like an optional boss fight.

  13. Genres PK says:

    omg Scarce, this video is trending on YouTube rn!!!!

  14. Clayton Robinson says:

    so sad Alex has now left he has deleted all his videos

  15. CarusioMystWolf says:

    So like, here’s the thing… the dude that got fired from Uber should not
    have been streaming while working. I mean seriously, what if a bus driver
    or a taxi driver was doing it?

  16. Jamil Cime says:

    What game is this

  17. the one and only says:

    Alex ramirez

  18. Danny Arriaga says:

    i wish they stop killing