YouTuber Toby Turner’s Sexual Assault Scandal Broken Down

YouTuber Toby Turner’s Sexual Assault Scandal Broken Down

I’m going to keep looking into this, as several people personally affected and involved, who have requested not to be named, have given me new information from both sides of this story.
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April Efff Statement:
Amelia Talon Video Response:
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Toby Turner Response to Rape Allegations:
Toby’s Mom’s Response Post:

US National Sexual Assault Hotline can be reached at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673), 24 hours a day or at

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20 Responses

  1. HyruleLove says:

    Goodbye Toby!
    Its been nice!
    Hope you find your,
    Toby!! Toby`s going away!

  2. The Ninezies says:

    Personally i think he’s not a rapist just an asshole to people.

  3. Mental Crisis says:

    Gotta do whatever to get those views bro

  4. Sam PC says:

    Im gonna post a vid about this and get dem veiwssss!

  5. CaptainEO420 says:


  6. Samuel Smith says:

    I stand by Tobuscus. Innocent until proven guilty. I was domestically
    abused by my “father” during my childhood. I couldn’t give one flying fuck
    what she’s been through. Suffering is a part of life. Get over it.


    I haven’t watched this dude since he had the angry birds in the background

  8. Harry Potter says:

    I watched Keemstar review this, and it totally sounds like a fanfiction.

  9. peter arredondo says:

    I believe that Toby is right on his video on some parts, “I never did
    anything without her consent” I don’t think he’s a rapist nor a drug
    addict,but everything else I believe, I think he does manipulate and cheat
    on women and does have emotional issues about his relationships that causes
    the cheatings, rape is only rape if there’s no consent of any kind, looking
    at the videos and April’s post you can’t describe it as rape and it is
    clear (in a way) that he does do things as long as he has consent, on the
    drugs part, it doesn’t sound like he is abusing it as bad as others I’ve
    seen in my life, it looks like he can live without it, yes he
    is”abusing”the drugs but only to a certain extent, I honestly think he
    should see some kind of doctor to help his emotions

  10. LordShip 1881 says:

    seriously tho…a lot of girls want to be raped. I’ve dated girls that were
    extremely turned on by the idea of being raped. no shit.

  11. Lil' Queef says:

    I don’t even know who Toby Turner is, but that hoe can go fuck herself.

  12. Barrel Bear says:

    I feel like she was mad that he cheated on her so she wanted revenge, also
    why wouldn’t she go to the police quickly if she was raped

  13. Moe Marino says:

    Toby is Fucked now…

  14. GodWithUs 15 says:

    this might come as a surprise, but… some women actually lie about being

  15. WaffleAssasinX3 says:

    I’m not favoring anybodies side here but for the people who r asking why
    they didn’t go to the police? well believe it or not there is an expiration
    date on when you report a rape. it has to be within a certain amount of
    time or the police won’t take the case.
    when talking about rape, it shouldn’t be handled lightly. people need to
    take into consideration how devasting it good be for the victim if they’re
    telling the truth OR the accused if they’re falsely being attacked. its a
    sad situation.

  16. Love Vocals says:

    He’s a rapist.

  17. Hummus says:

    sure is coincidental that when one lady comes out plenty of others follow

  18. TheBeedo11 says:

    I have such a hard time believing this. wow. It’s crazy, man.

  19. Real Nigga Saul says:

    I don’t even fuck with the guy but I don’t let the court of public opinion
    decide anything, proof is needed for me to make my decision on what is

  20. JiN Vang says:

    oh, I thought this already happened on law and order svu. cant wait for the
    ijustine episode.