youtubers are so helpful

youtubers are so helpful

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20 Responses

  1. JoeyPockett says:

    i’ve been charged with manslaughter of thousands of my subscribers after i didn’t remind them to breathe at the end of my video

  2. TCK - Gaming Channel says:

    I can’t do any of those things, I don’t have an account.

  3. Humza Ahmad says:

    This video is great I wish I could show my appreciation for this video, I wish I could respond to it somehow to be notified in the future when this channel updates because it soooo great! But I dont think there’s a way to do any of those things….. Fuck

  4. Jehpark says:

    you forgot to join the notification squad

  5. Brad says:

    Is this a JoJo reference?

  6. trash boi says:

    how do i “subscribe”?

  7. Ellen Cicchitti says:

    Clearly fake. No big flashing *SUBSCRIBE* button was at the end to give us another reminder

  8. Ellen Cicchitti says:

    Instructions unclear. Went into another dimension.

  9. AOTA Vids says:

    I love this video, but, to be fair, calls to action have shown to be really effective when done in a correct way. (As in, not at the beginning of the video two seconds in)
    Still love this video, though.

  10. Nero says:

    I used to be a fan, but now I’m an air conditioner.

  11. ItsThisGuy says:

    this is the greatest satire

  12. ThisIsMattsLife says:

    Can someone please tell me how to comment on this video? Any help is much appreciated.

  13. eddy cristov says:

    Ah yes, another solid video that will soon be trending

  14. JayAwesomeGames says:

    OOOOOooooh! That’s why YouTubers are asking you to like their videos before you watch it. They’re not greedy for likes, they just want to remind you ahead of time in case you forgot. what would we do with out you Youtubers *Salutes the like button*

  15. TDRodYT says:

    How do you edit a comment?

  16. HollyElise Inc says:

    can i animate this dude

  17. Jon Sudano says:


  18. Disokai Boi says:

    You forgot the *clickbait*

  19. Liliya Anfimkina says:

    Wоnderful vidео! Guys pleаse rаte my hоt vidеo оn my chаnnеl. Who liкеd this videо, click “like” *)

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