YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!

YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!

Watch our friends as #YouTubers and #Celebrities pick our #DriveThru orders for ONE WEEK! Do you recognize any of our guests, and would you eat what they wanted us to order???

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We’ve seen a few fellow friends make videos where YouTubers pick their Starbucks orders, but we aren’t coffee drinkers at all, so we put our OWN SPIN on the video! We let our YouTube and celebrity friends pick our FAST FOOD drive-thru orders for AN ENTIRE WEEK! Some of these orders were SERIOUSLY INSANE… can you believe what Soffi Dossi made us order? ?

Most of the orders were pretty out there, but there were actually a few items that we really liked! Can you guess which ones? Also, Rosanna Pansino had us try replacing a beef patty with a hash brown at Whataburger, and it was actually SO good! Nia Sioux (from Dance Moms) also gave us a super normal order, Mexican pizza from Taco Bell, which we really enjoyed!

Can you believe how many cherries they were able to put in our peach milkshake from Chick-Fil-A?? Can you guess who made us order that? I really thought that the Ireland Bros were requesting something that couldn’t be done, but boy were we wrong! Chick-Fil-A’s service is unmatched!

Collins Key and Devin Key are always up for a good laugh, and did their ABSOLUTE BEST to give us something very interesting! You’ll also see crazy orders for us from our good friends Rosanna Pansino, Sadie Robertson, Chloe Lukasiak (Dance Moms), Rebecca Zamolo, the Merrell Twins, and Grant Knoche.

Which of these #fastfood drive-thru orders would you actually try?? Comment below!

YouTubers / Celebrities in this video (in order of appearance):

* Chloe Lukasiak
* Ireland Bros
* Rebecca Zamolo
* The Merrell Twins
* Summer McKeen
* Collins Key
* Nia Sioux
* Rosanna Pansino
* Sadie Robertson
* Sofie Dossi
*Grant Knoche

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?’s – Brooklyn


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48 Responses

  1. Brooklyn and Bailey says:

    Who do you think had the craziest Drive-Thru order?? Comment below! ?’s – Brooklyn

  2. Sarah Fraser says:

    *Brooklyn eats just cheese*

    Bailey: ew that’s disgusting..

    Also Bailey: * eats an apple pie on top of a filet-o-fish*


  3. Gryffindor Girl says:

    OMG wth u know Chloe from dance moms I love her so much u r the luckiest people in the world???

  4. Myrnna Haddad says:

    loved this video, you guys are truly an inspiration! ?
    ps. i’m a twin too! ???‍♀️

  5. Lyzie says:

    i have a hard time believing Chloe eats that burger??

  6. Tatyana Amaya says:

    “Oh that’s a bummer” i laughed so hard ??????

  7. Stephanie Terrones says:

    Is no one going to talk about McNuggets at Wendy’s

  8. Irish Dancer28 says:

    Collins’ order was the most Collins Key thing to ever happen

  9. Annabeth Chase says:

    For the pickle pole I can and will eat an entire jar of pickles lol

  10. Caylyn Smith says:

    LOL I think the only nice person in this whole video is nia Sioux!!! She did a nice plain Mexican pizza from taco Bell!!!! ??????

  11. Taylor Williams says:

    Love is in the air with Ireland production ?lol ????

  12. Laila Sayeed says:

    Ok wait summer was in the thumbnail and now ro pansino(dunno if I spelt the right sorry if its wrong?)

  13. Roxanne Thompson says:

    ??? that guy at Wendy’s tho ??
    “Those don’t come back till August 19th maam”
    He sounded so annoyed ?

  14. Essentially Marie says:

    Me: hates cucumbers
    Also me: loves pickles

    …… something is wrong with this picture

  15. BootleggedBoba A says:

    Go to a fast food place and ask for something that they clearly don’t have! ??

    Like going to Taco Bell and asking for the signature Slinger!!

  16. Catrina Cardona says:

    imagine some one doing a “letting the person in front of me decide what we eat” and they’re behind them ?

  17. Kristen Vlogs2010 says:


    *Liked If You Agreed*

  18. Punky Brewster says:

    August 19th on the spicy nuggets? They’re here already in SC. ?

  19. Collins Key says:

    Ahahaha I can’t believe you guys actually did this!! Shocked they didn’t follow our order instructions exactly ?

  20. A Girl Named Grace says:

    Brooklyn: “I’m not eating fast food for a year and a half”
    Bailey: “We’ll do a part two”

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