YouTubers React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week (Billie Eilish, K-Pop, PewDiePie)

YouTubers React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week (Billie Eilish, K-Pop, PewDiePie)

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YouTubers react to the #1 of EVERYTHING Of The Week. Watch to see
their reactions.

Content Featured:
#1 Youtube Video: EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – Adios MV

#1 Box Office Movie: Good Boys

#1 Reddit Post

#1 Billboard Song: Billie Eilish – bad guy

#1 Tik Tok:

#1 Internet Hoax

#1 Twitter Debate

#1 Movie Scandal

#1 Video Compilation

#1 Youtube Marriage

FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to

Reactors Featured:

Eugenia Cooney

James A. Janisse

Jennelle Eliana

Jessie Paege

Joe Jo & Bart Kwan

Joey Graceffa

Mia Sayoko



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YouTubers React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week
(Billie Eilish, K-Pop, PewDiePie)

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34 Responses

  1. Hera Adriana Consunji says:


  2. avinilia ! says:

    i’m so happy eugenia is here, she’s looking a lot better also!!

  3. AVGw says:

    Eugenia is baaaack! Yuss! She looks great!

  4. cynosurlesthesia says:

    Of course James is the only one with common sense here

  5. NathanGaming -Roblox & More says:

    Glad Eugenia Clooney is finally coming back in the lime light.

  6. Khalilah Anderson says:

    Omg Eugenia!! She looks so pretty! I’m glad she took time for herself ❤️❤️

  7. 05. Benawa Java P says:

    Didn’t even talk about the Amazon fire ?

  8. Arif Hint says:

    Felix and Marzia getting married > Everything that happened this week

  9. Akmal Ibrahim says:

    Let’s see if anything from Pewdiepie is gonna be in the Youtube Rewind 2019.

  10. ESClad says:

    There’s no way Spiderman would have been taken out of the Marvel Universe if Stan Lee was still alive.
    He wouldn’t have allowed it.

  11. Tareqprogaming 09 says:

    Pewdiepie done in Best Week In His life
    2.Beated The Dargon
    3.100 Million Subs
    4.2 Million Memebers in Subreddit

  12. DocToRFakE says:

    Not gonna lie… Clicked just because of Pewds

  13. BunZz killer says:

    This youtube video is only made beacause of felix’s wedding

  14. Zara Ravenclaw says:

    Let’s be honest here, we all came here for pewds and marzia

  15. kpop idols own my ass says:

    EVERGLOW really out here being rookie of the year. So glad they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve :((

  16. ImAWeirdPerson says:

    Im so happy that Eugenia Cooney is recovering❤? Im gonna cry

  17. Amaan Hassan says:

    They should have done the Number 1 Rainforest fire

  18. Punchy - O says:

    We all know who we came here for


  19. *Indigo * says:

    got married
    won the battle against the Ender Dragon
    got 100M subs
    got 2M people in Reddit

    All in one week. Well done bro

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