YouTubers React To Celebrity Clapbacks

YouTubers React To Celebrity Clapbacks

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YouTubers react to celebrity clapbacks. Watch to see their reactions.

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Agree to disagree. #CommentsByCelebs

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Iconic. #CommentsByCelebs

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Atta girl, @juliaroberts. #CommentsByCelebs

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Reactors Featured:
Alonzo Lerone

Brian Hull

Danny Padilla

James Charles

Kristopher London

Rhino & Noah Boat

Veronica & Vanessa Merrell

Lauren Giraldo

Keith Leak Jr. & Noah Grossman


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YouTubers React To Celebrity Clapbacks

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27 Responses

  1. FBE says:

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  2. Yasmine-Bambi Kabongo says:

    they were talking so in sync. **tHaTs ScArY**

  3. Smagic says:

    Half of these comebacks were terrible, I was looking for the tea lol

  4. Bella Kok says:

    The twins talking at the exact same time was a little scary… ?❤️

  5. Sarah Jane says:

    “Garnier fructis crystals” NOAH ?? Keith def believed him for a second

  6. cyberwolf 888 says:

    when the twins started to talk in sync it gave me the chills…..

  7. DingoEnderZOE2 says:

    When Twins talk in sync with each other it’s both amusing and creepy.

  8. — Minebot — says:


  9. Katherine I says:

    They should’ve added when the IT (2017) cast clapped back at James Charles when he hated on their movie. That was funny?

  10. Kellye says:

    Rihanna has dragged enough strangers for four of these videos.

  11. Calley Rene says:

    The merrell twins talking in sync was kinda scary ?

  12. RØB says:

    I SEE RHINO, I CLICK VIDEO. its that simple

  13. Brendan Bernales says:

    3:33 *Their Voices Are Too In Sync , It’s Getting Creepy…..*

  14. Theo Gessese says:

    “we come in all shapes and sizes” says the identical twin

  15. J. Jar says:

    Did they just ask JAMES CHARLES if he’s ever clapped back????

  16. The Rocker X says:

    3:36 creepy af when the twins both read it at the exact same time.

  17. LoganDoesStuff says:

    3:34 I think I found the twins from the shining that was creepy

  18. Kaneki Unravel says:

    3:35 I’m not the only one that thought the merrel twins were about to start a demonic ritual it legit scared me when they spoke together????

  19. Athina Louk. says:

    Kj apa and Cole have the beeeeessstttt clapbacks. Same dylan and cole

  20. Kaylar Yang says:

    I feel like y’all could’ve chosen way better clapback tweets/replies from celebrities

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