YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2018 #YouTubeRewind

YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2018 #YouTubeRewind

YouTube Rewind 2018, reacted to by YouTubers. Original links below.
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YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2018. Watch to see their Reactions.

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YouTube Rewind 2018

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YouTubers Featured:
Craig Thompson

Gabbie Hanna

Gabriel and Jess

Ian Hecox & Courtney Miller

Zach Kornfeld & Keith Habersberger



Timothy DeLaGhetto


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YouTubers React #205 – YouTubers React to YouTube Rewind 2018 #YouTubeRewind

#YouTubeRewind2018 #Rewind2018 #YouTubeRewind

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37 Responses

  1. FBE says:

    Big thanks to the online stars who came in the day this came out for us to have it release a day later, thanks for watching FBE’s annual YouTube Rewind episode.
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    – FBE Team

  2. Spuncy Co says:

    4:29 if YouTube knew that was a Pewdiepie reference, they would not have allowed it….

  3. Joël Addai says:

    React to Avengers 4: End Game trailer

  4. Christian Krambeer says:

    Props to the sweater guy for pewdiepie stuff, and the suicide forest joke

  5. Ashley Pickus says:

    I like how the only people who actually like this are people who were in it

  6. Illumimount says:

    I love how Ian was roasting it most of the time.

  7. Shankmeyster says:

    Ian telling it like it really is.

  8. hannah Marie says:

    Not gonna lie… I hated rewind this year

  9. PaintBaller1024 says:

    Shoulda had bigger YouTubers come in like Pewdiepie, markipliar, Captian Sparkles, KSI etc. It would have made for a much better reaction and discussion. Ian was one of the good choices even though I think he held back. I’m sure Ian could have said more than what he did since he’s one person that is more connected and understanding of the YouTube community.

  10. Montse Alvarado says:

    14 minutes of youtubers pretending to like the youtube rewind

  11. Balthizaur says:

    Twitch did a rewind video??

  12. Brownie Puff says:

    Where was Shane dawson.

  13. Cam Ling says:

    “so how is this kpop” lmao someone finally said it

  14. Jimins Forgotten Jam's says:

    They just “love ” youtube rewind because they were on it lmao

  15. Ralsei says:

    Only Craig and Ian had a genuine reaction, the other people feel like they are lying just to side with YouTube.

  16. Tyler Figueroa says:

    Even I can tell the reactions are over exaggerated

  17. Kate English says:

    how much did they pay you to say this

  18. SamuelPiece says:

    “Let’s give the people what they want.”

    *gives the people absolutely nothing they want*

  19. Shaby Sab says:

    *“Will smith, the biggest youtuber ever”* LMAO IM LIVING FOR THIS 👏🏽👏🏽😂😂

  20. Hannah Vastia says:

    Superwoman – “ you know who need to be this video “
    Pewdiepie – “ not you “

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