Youtubes Most Viewed Videos

Youtubes Most Viewed Videos

We found the most viewed youtube videos very interesting

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40 Responses

  1. hecker says:

    I was in my daughter’s wedding, but this seems more important

  2. Daily Dose Of Internet says:

    Charlie Bit My Finger was sold as an NFT I believe. That’s why it was taken down from YouTube.

  3. LazarBeam says:

    i may have broken my own rule at the end… but worth it

  4. Impostor says:

    The double rainbow song by schmoyoho slaps, without the double rainbow video we would have never gotten such an iconic song as well

  5. geins gaming says:

    Haha, that last one was a big bruh moment.

  6. TheRealJc says:

    I remember charlie bit my finger. That was my childhood. So much nostalgia in this vid. Great vid ❤️. Much love as always lazar

  7. Dam says:

    The introduction and hype for the #1 video was just fire 🤣

  8. Ryan Gambling says:

    I was so getting ready for a rick roll at the end 😂

  9. Scrambled Potatoes says:

    Classics! Annoying Orange still my favorite original Youtube content.

  10. Laura Márquez - - Sех Channеl 18+🅥 says:

    Lazar: sets up rules
    Also Lazar: immediately brakes the rules

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