You’ve Been Applying Band-Aid Wrong

You’ve Been Applying Band-Aid Wrong

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20 Responses

  1. GoalKeeper Express says:

    Lmao u said boom 4 times in less than 1 min and 10 sec??

  2. Number1FoxyFan XD says:

    They sell them like that already

  3. TheSweCow -.- says:

    You are so shaky

  4. Valeriy Tomyev says:

    Anyone else know these sense u were a kid

  5. Swagger Duck says:

    perfect I just jammed my nail.

  6. GenericGame... Plays says:

    Christmas life hacks pleaaasse

  7. Angoni says:

    Boom and Boom.

  8. Jason Mad says:

    Applied to my cock. Boom! Perfect condom covers all of it

  9. Riyadh Playz says:

    congrats on 6 million subs

  10. Dominik D says:

    just came here for the boom’s

  11. Maria Gharzouzi says:

    Look how ridiculous it is

  12. Omar The Gamer says:

    CRH 2015: thumbs up this “vidya”. hhhh

  13. Eda Agani says:

    You’ve been saying boom wrong………………………………. BOOM

  14. Muci Etem says:

    He is using safety to show us how to use safety

  15. Rick Cherry says:

    they make band aids like this already. duh

  16. Ipadtech24 says:

    Rip those hairs off baby!

  17. Emma Cloud says:


  18. Wendy Cross says:

    Thank you Merry Christmas ! !!!???????

  19. ka kan says:

    Better not cut urself while cutting the band-aid

  20. Patricia Pineda says:

    I really don’t like it when u say “boom” it annoys me(not to be rude)