You’ve Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong

You’ve Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong

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20 Responses

  1. Dima Polianskiy says:

    Stop translating video titles

  2. Games Bond says:

    More like “Easiest to hit your leg with a axe

  3. MemeMaster says:

    CODE *_*?

  4. zGilly 9020 says:

    What if the wood your chopping is minimum 2 foot in diameter

  5. axel mistula says:

    Add an mlg frog in both sides, the kid that says “oh baby a triple” in the
    background , that old man the says “wow” also in the background and a hit
    maker every time he chops the wood. also dont forget explosions and sarude
    – dankstorm as the music.

  6. Edoardo Palladin says:


  7. Алла Головкина says:

    вроде канал тот же, а видосик на русском называется… странненько..))
    но спасибо))

  8. FreshDE says:

    This comment is pretty awesome, huh?

  9. Poatatasium Poatatogen PO2 says:

    What’s an axe?

  10. Izzaty Amnie says:

    wow , spectacular !

  11. Urke Boss says:

    Nemaš ti snage za cjepanje buraz :)

  12. xapemanx says:

    not bad, now you can make up for your crooked woodcutting and bad vertical
    wood chopping technique

  13. TheMonster3453 says:

    Si cand are nod ce faci ?

  14. iLuvDiamond says:

    Next time, he’ll be telling us we living our life wrong

  15. prabip khadka says:


  16. Marcello Righi says:

    i don’t have to chop wood

  17. Juozas Dubikaltis says:

    stop saying boom pls. and ur accent..

  18. Erik Kitvisets says:

    Safety is no 1 u now

  19. Jeff Zakany says:

    “You’ve Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong”
    Of course. You don’t split firewood with an axe. Go out and buy a maul.

  20. Ruslan Matev says:

    Boom.. You see that? ?
    He got carried away chopping. Forgot he was recording. Typical Russian. Lol