You’ve NEVER seen a milkshake this good! 🥛 🍦

You’ve NEVER seen a milkshake this good! 🥛 🍦

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  1. Mohammed Chugs says:

    Love it! Can you make a version with alcohol?

    • Theo E. says:

      not sure what flavor to use for that type of ice cream, but if you wanted to make an alcoholic vanilla milkshake from scratch, you can throw together some vanilla vodka, vanilla syrup (simple syrup with vanilla extract or infusion), and some milk and then shake with ice. It makes an old-fashioned style milkshake, not like an ice-cream style one, but it’s still really good.

      5 parts whole milk, 3 parts vanilla syrup works well for me. add the vodka to your desired strength. 👍

      (You could probably sub flavors/ingredients to your liking.)

    • Mohammed Chugs says:

      @Theo E. That‘s an awesome comment thanks a lot. I have to try that!

    • Tracey Combs says:

      You can add chocolate liqueur (like Godiva), Bailey’s Irish Cream, and/or coffee liqueur (like Kahlua or Tia Maria).

    • ♡hunter Jdm ♡ says:

      first you drink half of this then you pound half of this

    • Joshua obaga says:

      Pour in a few shots of bourbon. Always does the trick.

  2. BigPapiDamian says:

    That was a smooth ass catch

  3. Jaxsyn Swift says:

    Still waiting on a car collection tour

  4. Rodolfo Pimenta says:

    That’s the most filthy rich blender I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even knew blenders like that existed 😂

  5. Lucas Ruckle says:

    Everything your dad does is on a whole different level. He knows how to live life.

  6. Ryan Cobbley says:

    Where do you find that ice cream? That looks delicious!!

  7. Dal James says:

    He’s a boss man! My dreams are what this man lives. Total Boss. Love the content. Highly motivating to me!

  8. Lord Fuckface says:

    You never mentioned your dad achieved the ability even god’s have trouble learning. Autonomous Ultra instinct at it’s finest.

  9. Elio Capradossi says:

    Imagine that with real Italian gelato, here we call it “frappé”

  10. pastorammo says:

    Best part of the whole video was him catching the chocolate. What a cool dude!

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