Zac Brown Band – My Old Man (Lyric Video)

Zac Brown Band – My Old Man (Lyric Video)

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20 Responses

  1. Abraham Isaak says:

    woooou awesome song

  2. Belen Ladaga says:

    that makes me cry. Amazing song! I cant wait for the album!!

  3. BCK450 says:

    Now This is the Zac Brown Band that I know and love. Great tune right here.

  4. Jay Gee says:

    Who’s cutting onions in here

  5. Emma Heider says:

    Here when there are no thumbs down!!

  6. Michael Swanton says:

    Here at 4,000 views ?

  7. Kristen Sapp says:

    Thank you Zac Brown Band and Andy Sapp for this gift!

  8. jflint46 says:

    Wow this song definitely hits home my dad is my hero and best friend ever !

  9. Major Vapor says:

    You have outdone yourselves again gentlemen, outstanding!!

  10. Kevin Pinkerton says:

    really couldn’t have hit a bigger home run. touching and perfect in every
    way. love it

  11. John Viera says:

    Gets you right in the feels.❤️

  12. Craig Branscomb says:

    Simply amazing! Thank you Zac Brown Band!

  13. Julie Hanks says:

    Beautiful meaningful lyrics. Love me some ZBB band. That voice is so
    Ahhhhhhh :)

  14. Chad Baxter says:

    Who’s cutting onions This early in the morning? Making my eyes water. ?
    LOVE this song.

  15. Jackson the Pie lover says:

    where are my tissues <3 right in the heart !! love love love

  16. robert glasgow says:

    What’s a dad?

  17. CMT Productions 2017 says:

    Thank you for going back to that classic ZBB sound! No pop crap, just
    smooth relaxing country.

  18. Pete da Beast says:

    You guys are one of the best things that has ever happened to this earth

  19. Carlos Moreno Jr says:

    Lost my dad 2007 love this song first time I heard this I sure do miss my

  20. Random guy with a tractor says:

    Right in the feels.