Zac Efron Pole Dances | The Graham Norton Show

Zac Efron Pole Dances | The Graham Norton Show

How does he do it?

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19 Responses

  1. Isabella McLellan says:

    Graham knows what we want.

  2. Matdy James says:

    Definitely not a pole dance. A pole pose. No dance.

  3. Nicholas Bennett says:

    So awkward some people really don’t understand when grahams sarcasm comes into play; Zac not realizing he’s being serious about the pole.

  4. 9 GAG-SEEN says:

    We want Graham to host Oscars!!!!!

  5. Nada Anwar says:

    So impatient for James McAvoy to be back on this show!!

  6. TheMovieMyLife says:

    Efron is wearing that suit very well indeed. 😊

  7. Jazz It Up l l Design Geek says:

    Okay,so is it that easy to do that? me out here….it looked effortless…
    P.S. He looks so good in the suit.

  8. YepItsThatGuy says:

    As hot as Zac Efron is, this interview shows him to be really boring. No celebrity has ever looked so uncomfortable on the Graham Norton Show.

  9. R Baz says:

    wish they would upload these after the episode aired on tv like they used to, takes away the fun of watching it on tv when you can see the best bits now. Watching the episode doesnt feel as exciting anymore

  10. Adi Adrian says:

    That pole has more charisma than Zac Efron

  11. Emma Leto says:

    Is it me or does Zac seem to be on edge the whole interview? was he nervous or something?

  12. mini dwarfdude says:

    Does he have some slight social anxiety?

  13. IKMNification says:

    Puts music on, and it’s the song Tom Cruise danced to in Tropic Thunder.

  14. Shay Dizzle says:

    Tom didn’t doubt Zac for a second

  15. Nisha Ismail says:

    Is it that easy to do?? He made it looks so easy! 😱

  16. Roye Arbel says:

    He made that look so easy, I struggle to get off my sofa

  17. Kancana K says:

    I dont think that’s how pole dancing works but still, well done amigo

  18. Vaico420 says:

    Zac should plays Tom’s son in Top Gun 2.

  19. Break the ice says:

    Zac Efron needs media training. He’s so boring in interviews.

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