Zach Bryan – Oklahoma Smokeshow

Zach Bryan – Oklahoma Smokeshow

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20 Responses

  1. Theo Von says:

    dang amazing. amen

  2. psolo3 says:

    songs like this where everyone can immediately think of someone when they hear it are why he is such an amazing songwriter

    • phœ says:

      Yea every song I go back to my first real love it’s funny now because it was a long distance relationship now we can laugh at how dumb we were back then

  3. Alec Snyder says:

    Zach creates a feeling that words can not describe. What he does is undeniably art

  4. Dillon Orr says:

    Was happy to play a small role in this video, been going through rough times like a lot of listeners, so it was nice to be able to be part of this.

    • zach poore says:

      Keep your head up! Glad you’re still breathing

    • Nate Castleman says:

      What did you do if you don’t mind me asking!? Sound so awesome

    • Dapper Dan says:

      Cool bro how did you contribute? I’m just curious? I would love a job like that well it wouldn’t even be a job. If you’re having fun, I do it for free.

  5. Amelia Hough says:

    zach is such an amazing artist! These comments describes his work incredibly well. He is able to create a feeling on every song that most artists try a lifetime to achieve. His songs describes every feeling non of us are able to put in words. that is why his songs feels like home and it feels like an escape from reality

  6. Joey Vu says:

    Zach, I’m so serious this better be a full movie in theaters by fall. Incredible song, even better video. Bravo ol’ son

  7. SL1CK says:

    From vertical filmed videos to this beautiful cinematography. Brother, you’re amazing and it’s been a hell of a ride seeing you grow!

  8. Jake Nelson says:

    this music video really hit my soul. we love you Zach.

  9. Alec Snyder says:

    This is so immersive. I wanna see a music video for every one of your songs now lol

    • The Comedy Bros says:

      He’s gotta make one for Something in the Orange, Travelling Man, Crooked Teeth, Birmingham, Cold Damn Vampires, Open the Gates, Sun to Me, Oklahoma City, and Heavy Eyes!!!

  10. G and C Outdoors says:

    Zach, you’ve saved me in so many ways and helped me find peace with so many things. Keep producing these bangers 🖤🖤

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