Zach Quinto Was Busted for His Fake Starbucks Name

Zach Quinto Was Busted for His Fake Starbucks Name

After James asks Zach Quinto about being called out by a patron at an Ann Arbor, Michigan Starbucks for using a fake name, Josh, Rupert Friend tells James if he wasn’t named Rupert his parents were going with Diggory.

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63 Responses

  1. EllCEx says:

    One fine specimen of a man

  2. eleha.belinga says:

    Just dead, how could he even thinks not to be recognized

  3. Hell Boi says:


  4. earthatom7 says:

    Saw him walking through LAX… INSTANTLY RECOGNIZED!… LOL also his dog is super cute!

  5. DontYouJuana says:

    Sorry totally has nothing to do with the video.. but thanks to my son… all i can see and hear is High Five… forgive me james lol

  6. KirstyDarko says:

    Sophia what a legend. You’re not fooling anyone Zach.

  7. Bo Xue says:

    Rupert looks more like a ‘Orlando’ to me.

  8. thormaster06 says:

    ”Girl check ur eyebrows” ——— I’m dead!!

  9. CosmicMagic says:

    Next time he should say “Sylar”

  10. ian muoki says:

    It just hit me zach kindaaaaa looks like Drake…OMG???

  11. * * says:

    Zachary is such a babe. I want to put in an application at Starbucks just in case he tries again. Bring it Josh…. I’ll call you whatever you want. As long as you Call Me By Your Name. ????????

  12. pefanti says:

    Oh look, three people who didn’t read Harry Potter.

  13. unicornsloveme says:

    Every millennial knows him from AHS

  14. Chris Jones says:

    Orlando Bloom?

  15. Paige Grace says:

    lmao Zach I would have recognized you even if you didn’t do a single piece of film or TV since that Charmed one off so check urself

  16. Farah Pitcher says:

    I don’t like Zach after I found out how rude he was to Shane Dawson during him making his movie and on the set of the reality show “The Chair”

    • Violet Sunshine says:

      Abigail Swindlehurst basically he was really rude to shane and made it clear he didn’t like or approve of his movie because Quinto was a judge for Shane’s movie. The way shane talked about him made him come off as cocky and entitled.

    • Sophie says:

      Violet Sunshine what if zach just wanted to help, but i wouldn’t know i dont watch shane ?

    • Mel M says:

      I’d be rude too if I was standing next to a guy who got famous doing blackface as one of his characters, and I’d take his money by accepting the job.

    • Carolyn says:

      Farah Pitcher pffff who cares about a YouTuber

    • LinkMaster64 says:

      Judging by this interview Spock does seem like an asshole.

  17. ydj says:

    Girl check ur eyebrows

  18. rowelle says:

    No Diggory, no doubt. Man, James is quick with the jokes! Glad that some in the audience caught the reference and laughed!

  19. Jera Sky says:

    beginning to feel like a tweet god, tweet god….

  20. YouPube says:

    Who the fuck is Rupert? Your name is Orlando Bloom.

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