Zachary Quinto Remembers Leonard Nimoy – CONAN on TBS

Zachary Quinto Remembers Leonard Nimoy – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: The younger Mr. Spock delivers a heartfelt tribute to his close friend, the iconic actor and artist Leonard Nimoy.

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20 Responses

  1. ImBaji / Quit says:

    i swear on my moms life i will subscribe to this guy

    you swore now sub

  2. Festering Scab says:

    he ate his brain

  3. CoCo edward says:

    best video is Spock Vs Spock for the commercial they done together :-)

  4. Arson Bjork says:

    I bet Sylar killed him

  5. boxtears says:

    16 Romulans disliked this.

  6. Cary Rogers says:


  7. killer12345627 says:

    This guy looks abit like Jordon Schlansky

  8. Anthony Leung says:

    bloodyface from American Horror Story

  9. uzair rizvi says:

    live long and suck it zachary Quinto

  10. MadPropzBaller says:

    Zachary Quinto looks exactly like Eli Roth…

  11. Evil Genius says:

    Fun Fact: Jordan Schlansky and Zachary Quinto are half brothers.

  12. Sheh B says:

    RIP Leonard Nimoy. Star Wars wont be the same with out you

  13. PrismEdits says:

    Takei dies we riot

  14. Faysal Mahmud Evan says:

    “Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…

  15. Gudmundur Johann Ingason says:

    And u, and u, and u he was an amazing man.

  16. Johnny Law says:

    Looks like the lizard poisoned him after all 

  17. StarCrusher says:


  18. Henrik Nöu says:


  19. locutus625 says:

    Well said, Zach!

  20. Angela Chan says:

    Eyebrows on fleeek!