Zach’s Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

Zach’s Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

Watch Ned & Ariel work their magic again! This time, the Try DIY fairy godparents are here to make Zach and Maggie’s wish for a stunning home office come true! Bippity boppity BOOPS!✨

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67 Responses

  1. The Try Guys says:

    Hey guys! It’s Zach here! I’ve collected tons of random boops n’ bops over the years, but never knew what to do with them. This video actually helped me figure out how to highlight the things I love and part with the things just taking up space. I didn’t throw away anything I loved. Some stuff got water damage in storage (like my Eternal Sunshine VHS) and was actually just garbage taking up space lol. All the toys now have cute & prime placement around the house for the first time ever☺️ Maggie did such an incredible job putting the rest of our place together and making it somewhere we both felt represented and comfy. We love our place. It was really important to me to step up and show that I was equally invested in making our apartment a home <3 -Zach

    • Madi P says:

      If your happy we’re happy! U can tell how protective we are of u lol?

    • LovelyLivingDead says:

      I needed this comment

    • Stephen Harger says:

      The Try Guys I’m so glad that you two are happy!! Communication and compromise are key! I wish you two the best!

      Unrelated note… that an Elton John pop funko? I adore him and I love your collection!

    • MsAmandaLynnReads says:

      Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind???

    • Ranielle Alfredo says:

      Give your router/modem a proper ventilation Zach! Dont hide them in close space and place it in central location but main issue might occur is overheating so give them a a place to vent.

  2. agenderemryspaperart says:

    that craft table looks terrifyingly weak. i wouldn’t be able to use a table that didn’t have underneath leg support lmao

    • Danielle Lathan says:

      I definitely think that one of the ones that has flat legs that look kind of like a frame when it’s folded up up on the wall, would be much more sturdy but it doesn’t seem like she does a lot of serious crafting so it may be ok

    • dreamynights says:

      It’s not even level when it’s opened! There’s no way she could do Crafts on that, lol

    • Nancy Shepard says:

      I thought the same thing! Good luck Maggie lol

  3. Miss Hooligan says:

    Ummm.. I love Zach and his relationship with Maggie.. But.. This seems to be a whole thing of ‘make the whole apartment Maggie approved and get rid of and/or hide Zach’s stuff because his stuff is childish and/or goofy’.. And that’s not cool.. Idk..
    Shared space with a loved one.. Gotta keep both of your styles in harmony without losing either one of your styles or throwing out most of your stuff..
    I get they kept a lot of his stuff.. But.. Idk.. He just has a tiny corner in the whole place with his boops n bops..

  4. David Chen says:

    Please backvent the electronic drawer. That shit gives me so much anxiety and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else brought up the same issue

    • Sarah Mitroff says:

      This. Not only is it a fire hazard and not smart for the modem/router, that’s also a terrible place to keep them to get a good WiFi signal.

  5. Rosie Park says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, that burnt marshmellow figure was dope.

    • AdaylnTheLifeOf says:

      Rosie Park it’s a funko pop! I was super happy to see he had a few. I have almost 200 of them

  6. Gandalf White says:

    The fact that Ned has to take something he loves and shove it in a cabinet makes me sad. You should support your spouses hobbies unless they are unhealthy.

    • Julia Rivest says:

      I think it’s more so that Wes (their baby) doesn’t get into the board games with all the little pieces he could accidentally choke on.

  7. Jack Skellington says:

    11:21 uh did not expect him to hit on Zach like that ??? in front of Ariel

  8. TwilightIsLIfe4493 says:

    Where exactly is the compromise? It seems like it’s all Maggie and Zach doesn’t get anything that’s fun for him?? I hate it when people act like you have to get rid of all “childish” things in order to be a “grown up.” You’re allowed to still like the things you like as an adult!

    • Arianna Alonso says:

      Same!!! I wear a harry potter time turner necklace like everyday, and whenever I go back to my hometown during breaks, it’s always annoying when my dad would say to me that I need to get rid of that necklace because it’s childish and I need to grow up. Like, first of all, shut up dad, I’m an adult and I can do what I want. Second, loving nerdy stuff isn’t childish.

    • einsteinboricua says:

      The thing is that if the room was Zach’s (and just Zach’s), it makes sense, but because he also opened it up to Maggie, there needs to be a balance. It would be a bit weird to have a room that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the apartment. He wanted Maggie’s colors there and anything that strongly clashes just doesn’t go. Notice how subtle items remained.

    • JangoMango007 says:

      @Arianna Alonso Zach made a response about this, he was all on board with this. Besides, there’s a fine line between sentimentality and clutter and sometimes you really don’t need everything from your youth.

    • Arianna Alonso says:

      @JangoMango007 I got the necklace a couple years ago as a Christmas present, so it wasn’t exactly in my youth, but you are right. Even I don’t have a lot of stuff from my childhood.

  9. Super Moosie says:

    I thought I heard them say they were gonna incorporate more of Zach’s stuff in the rest of the house as well?! Saw none of that, sadly.

  10. paloma says:

    The relationship metaphor was really fun but its so disheartening that that means “throw/hide your weird stuff so your living space can look like an “adult” magazine-looking area”. I haven’t gotten to the boops&bops but just neds board game collection made me so sad. This thing he liked to collect is just hid away bc it doesn’t “fit the aesthetic” :'(
    As long as they’re okay w it yknow but dang

    • paloma says:

      @Lemons _66 its not so much about board games specifically

    • Lemons _66 says:

      @paloma I’m sure, I’m just pointing out that specific one because that one makes the most sense why they are put away. I don’t know about Maggie and Zach

    • KayBee Kay says:

      Right? My husband is an avid duck hunter so any time I see like wooden or brass ducks at a thrift shop, I always buy them. Our house is “overrun” with ducks and then all of my weird boops and bops. I couldn’t imagine being asked (or told) to hide the things I like and would never expect that of my partner either.

    • Sarah Anderson says:

      I think they were exaggerating for the camera im sure they have items they love and use all over the house that aren’t aesthetic. As you can see he has like 50 games so yeah that would be huge clutter for most people even if you living room was the most un-aesthetic fancy thing ever. Cupboards are useful, that’s really all it is.

    • Sarah Anderson says:

      Board games aren’t boops and bops. They’re board games. They’re their own thing and not like something to be displayed who has their settlers of catan box displayed on a shelf? Someone without a cupboard to put them in, that’s who.

  11. Big Oof says:

    Zach, the only Try Guy who would own a backwards Hebrew version of Captain Underpants

  12. Bianca Moises says:

    Zach: “Living with an Angel like me…”
    Such a leo thing during leo season.

  13. Sugar Ashley says:

    OMG don’t throw that away!!!!!!!!! The lion king laser disc?! I died……

  14. Amelia Joy says:

    I hope Zach didn’t throw away anything he loved, his boops n bops are fun and weird and I like them

  15. funsizedaree says:

    Get a support for that fold-down table!!! Looks great though!

  16. Irisss says:

    7:14 “do you guys have a box of christmas stuff”

    me knowing he’s jewish: ?

    • Jillian Giesbrecht says:

      That part made me so uncomfortable like uhmm, ever heard of hannukah?

    • Grace Lemley says:

      I assumed it was because maybe the girlfriend celebrates Xmas so that’s why they were asking?‍♀️. Because like seriously why would you ask your Jewish friend that?

  17. NNadiah Mohd_Azmi says:

    Zach: *proudly show his magazine cover collection

    Ariel: What is the plan with these?

    Zach: I dOn’T kNoW!!

    This is me

  18. elizabeth sharp says:

    I don’t like how they always get rid of the random nic-nacs or other stuff the guys generally like bc the girls don’t like it.

    • Fyrick24 says:

      @Raka Sudijono It doesn’t matter though. They are still part of a person’s memories and help the person feel like him/herself.

    • GayWitch Bitch says:

      Soon, it will hit borderline hoarding. This was good for him

    • Angelica Lopez says:

      I’m a girl and I didn’t like they throw Zach’s things. It was obvious he loved his boops n bops. The house doesn’t look like them, it only looks like Maggy ??

    • Sarah Kate says:

      They still were able to combine their lifestyles to create the new space. No doubt Maggie had to chuck out a few things too. They showcased some of his bits and bobs in the room, so I don’t understand why people are complaining?

    • KayBee says:

      They displayed lots of the nic nacs around the room in a more ‘aesthetic’ way. It was cute. They did something they both liked and it was less cluttered.

  19. Ella Eisman says:

    I would love to know the story behind all of those squirrel-themed transitions

  20. Eliana Razon says:

    i really feel like this series happened cause becky and maggie wanted ariel to help them clean up the boys’ messy rooms.

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