Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Movie Review

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Zack Snyder’s Justice League, starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Ray Fisher, Jared Leto, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Willem Dafoe, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Connie Nielsen, J.K. Simmons, Ciarán Hinds. Directed by Zack Snyder.

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76 Responses

  1. A A Ron says:

    Only stuckmann could talk about Mission Impossible in a Snyder Cut review

    • Joffrey Bieber says:

      So strange, talking about another action movie while reviewing an action movie. Where is the connection? A true visionary, you are right sir

    • tanki online says:


    • Advent Solace says:

      How is it that unusual? He was talking about aspect ratio.

    • Meta Man says:

      I’m delighted with the Snyder cut I wanted to see every little bit so 4 hours is perfect for me.
      However I have to agree with Chris I feel like the knightmare scene and MM meeting Wayne are seriously tacked on and don’t fit into the context of the film other than to set the next film up (hence why it ends as a cliffhanger).

      Nightmare scene was good and yes Leto in the space of a couple of mins has redeemed himself with this cameo performance compared to his primary one in SS but the MM scene was kinda awful.
      It felt so phoney lol. I couldn’t take it seriously therefore subjectively speaking, I feel like the film ends when Clark rips his shirt off and walks towards the camera.

      Those two consecutive scenes are more like end-credit scenes to me.

      Every else about the film I absolutely loved. LOVED. 👏🏿

    • Rogar555 says:

      @Meta Man Even though that one scene was tacked on, Snyder said he actually wanted Leto’s Joker to interact with Batfleck so he could give everyone a taste of Leto truly showing he can pull off Joker.

  2. Nathan Zed says:

    this movie was great. so many good moments. shoutout to zack for managing to make me enjoy a 4 hour movie.
    edit: also months of people trying to hate on this before it came out, just for it to turn out really solid lol.

    • jim jones says: of the years best flicks so far.. awesome flick

    • The Insatiable Mr. Dong says:

      @Khuong Tran That’s a lie

    • Revolutionary Dragon says:

      It was solid though I wouldn’t say it changed my opinion on justice league that much and honestly their stuff in the whedon version that I like more than snyder version

    • 77 says:

      It’s such a MASTERPIECE.

      The story needed Papa Cyborg to kill himself so they can track the box….WHEN CYBORG LITERALLY HAS A CONNECTION TO THESE BOXES.


      The boxes activated after Superman died cause they feared him. WHY THEY DIDN’T ACTIVATE BEFORE HE EVEN GOT TO EARTH?


    • The Insatiable Mr. Dong says:

      @77 bestest comment on this shitty stuckmann Video

  3. Ahmed Osman says:

    No wonder Ray Fisher was so pissed. He had the best story arc and Whedon cut It all out.

    • Melissa Menéndez says:

      I know right? He deserved to show all his work. His performance and character arc gave so much heart to the story, from Diana pushing him to help to Aquaman worrying about him.”I’m not broken. And I’m not alone.”

    • Melissa Menéndez says:

      “I’m not broke. And I’m not alone.”

    • Damián Álvarez says:

      @Long Beach In NYC what?

    • Carlos Mendoza says:

      @Brad M whedon came on to cut the movie and make it close to his Avengers with humor and colorful scenes, he added the mustache and removed Cyborgs scenes that were my favorite part of the movie

    • A says:

      @Long Beach In NYC why did he change pointless things like the farm scenes? He removed flash clearing the debris scene and many others while adding the pointless anticlimactic russian family.
      He did so much wrong to the film.

  4. QkotmanYT says:

    This movie belongs to a prized collection to watch all over again for when I’m old. Right next to Marvel’s gems.

    • Shark With A Hat says:

      @Rerollful everyone in my theatre was going crazy

    • Rerollful says:

      @Shark With A Hat I doubt it lol Everyone I know even randoms on the street said they fell asleep until the very end of the movie just like black panther

    • SHAKE WEIGHT says:

      @Ankit Pai true comic book fans NOT MCU or DCEU fans would know that Iron Man could EASILY have been one of the most complex, deep, and even dark comic book movies HAD Disney chose to go that route. The character is ripe with compelling villains (not a TON of solo baddies but a STRONG 4 I’d say) but his biggest villains would have been his ego and his alcoholism.

    • IronWolf122 says:

      @ViciousBane 56 and The DCEU’s gems are man of steel, wonderwoman 2017, Shazam, and this bittersweet directors cut. Everything else is a pile of shit !

    • MM02 says:

      @Kush Patel civil war? Doctor Strange? Iron man?

  5. Marc Espinoza says:

    Steppenwolf was actually terrifying and felt like a legitimate threat in this version on top on the cgi being fixed.

    • Mr Sinister says:

      Yes & props to the cgi animators. I love how those spikes move. The Whedon version looks like a giant liam neeson with a cut chin in a Viking costume.

    • wadde faq says:

      Actually thats (Snyder’s steppenwolf) the original cgi and version. Whedon just changed it.

    • Doug Dragon Quad Clark says:

      @Mr Sinister you actually made me laugh

    • akhbar allahu says:

      Until Superman shows up and makes him his bitch. He’s on a whole different level than the rest of the guys, that’s a problem

  6. JuanSitoh says:

    A big “wow” for wonderwoman’s high heels.. she jumped into a cave that was like 20 meters down. And nothing happened to her shoes 🤣🤣. Those were adamantium high heels.

  7. INDIA 101 says:

    Do you know what. This movie is a Masterpiece on a epic proportion

  8. CoolHoeE says:

    The thing about Chris is… he’s always on the side of filmmakers

  9. Raziel says:

    I wish this would motivate the cast and director to come back

  10. David M says:

    Way better than the prior one, the prior one was put together like a college paper that the student didn’t work on till 10pm the night before it was due!

  11. cdelve3125 says:

    Chris casually bragging about the size of his “TV”.

  12. OUTBRST says:

    If this had been released as a miniseries, everybody would have watched it all in one sitting anyway….

    • OfficialNataly says:


    • Razik Boston says:

      Which makes me like never understand why people complain about a movie’s length (on a streaming platform that is)

    • OUTBRST says:

      @Razik Boston me neither… That’s like part of the benefits of a subscription streaming platform, you stop when you want and can continue where you left of the next day or week or so without spending an extra penny(unless you wait a whole month)… Nobody is forcing you to watch the whole thing in one sitting yet many reviewers and critiques nearly always mention this as a negative point. Like they totally forget the freedom you have with these platforms…

  13. Ryan Secrets says:

    I heard “Al Pachino in Heat” in a completely different manner than intended 😂

    • Doug Dragon Quad Clark says:

      I only just realised with your comment that there was 2 ways to take it since I hadn’t seen the film

  14. Gracialon Ignasiver says:

    The Joker/Batman scene didn’t just seem tacked on, it was tacked on. Snyder admits that he only added it in because he wasn’t sure if he’d get to continue the universe and he wanted to give Leto’s Joker a chance to interact with Affleck’s Batman. Sort of a redemption chance for Joker. Snyder has mentioned that several times in interviews.

  15. Joshua Cabonce says:

    When it says “For Autumn” at the end….really hits home that it must have taken a tremendous amount of effort for Zack to finish this. A-

  16. Low Level Content says:

    The movie didn’t feel like 4 hours, it felt like an hour & thirty minutes. Zack truly redeemed himself.. It’s a redemption arc we all deserved, needed, and yearned for.

  17. whateverShit says:

    The one scene of Barry Allen reversing time by travelling faster than speed of light is the best thing I’ve ever seen in superhero movie.
    Everything about that scene is so epic.

  18. John tims says:

    “Infinitely better”, yet you only gave it a slightly higher grade than the original version. I think you just gave too high of a grade to the original version. You were too nice.

  19. BlackScape says:

    I just feel a lot more comfortable about the future knowing that a GOOD Justice League Movie was made. The Snyder Cut DELIVERED on the HYPE.

  20. Nicholas Vittorio says:

    Chris: “I am ALWAYS on the side of the filmmaker”

    A completely unchecked George Lucas: *heavy breathing*

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