Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Movie Review

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Movie Review

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It’s here! I almost feel like the subject of this video needs no introduction. Besides, I explain it enough in the video its self. Here’s my review for ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE!

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84 Responses

  1. Jeremy Jahns says:

    For a limited time, grab the 1-year NordPass Premium plan with 50% off at or use code jeremyjahns.

  2. Skittlessmuggler says:

    Jeremy looks like he hasn’t had a haircut since the theatrical cut lmao

  3. UnrealEntGaming says:

    Anyone else wanting to see Justice League 2 now after seeing the Snyder cut? You guys think it’ll happen?

    • Destructus 86 says:

      I want an entire snyderverse on hbo max

    • Crystal Lake says:

      @Ursaring the Flash film is already in production. It’s been 100% confirmed it’s based off the the Flashpoint storyline. It’s also been confirmed it’ll erase the events of ZSJL. Zack himself has said he’s done. He said he’s glad to finished what he started & he’s moving on. So we’ll be getting another JL film directed by someone else.

    • M X says:

      I can see them agreeing for Zack Snyders universe to continue and be exclusive to HBO Max and they’ll keep their newer iterations to these characters like batman for theaters

    • shawn gaines says:


    • Hargreaves says:

      I think there’s never been a better chance of it happening. We just have to wait and see. Maybe Twitter has to start another movement but I’m sure if Snyder wants it to happen we could see it

  4. SonicHaXD says:

    This movie really made me like Cyborg XD

  5. Tyrone Magnus says:

    I knew Jahns would like it, Wooo!

  6. Durant Colin says:

    The fact that the reshooted 4 minutes scene are at the end, and teasing next events, make me believe they plan to do part.2 ^^

  7. Peppon says:

    I never realized how much i wanted to see The Joker giving Batman a reacharound until i seen this movie.

    • JohnBlockYT says:

      I just hope for a second movie

    • Superior Gaming says:

      What is reacharound mean?

    • ChemicalXII says:

      @Superior Gaming , When a man is committing “sodomy” with another man, the man in the rear reaches around to the front of the other man, grabs his privates to massage/jerk them for their pleasure. – I didn’t want to write this, at the same time maybe you were on a work, school, shared, et cetera computer, so I explained it so you won’t have to internet search it and possibly be embarrassed or get in trouble.

    • Reynolds Woodcock says:


    • Ryan Nicholson says:

      @Reynolds Woodcock Yes

  8. Spartacus 77 says:

    This was an emotional blockbuster. Two thumbs up, and Cavill and Affleck own their respective roles

  9. Faded -FNK says:

    No reboot/recasting needed after seeing this 👌

  10. E E says:

    Most improved player goes to: Ezra Miller’s The Flash. Loved him in this.

  11. Johnson says:

    Superman was so badass, everyone fears him even the mother boxes

    • Arion C says:

      You caught that? That was a great explanation of why it was asleep.

    • Arion C says:

      @Billel Madridista missing head haha

    • Billel Madridista says:

      @Arion C also darkseid’s boot aaaahhh

    • Sourpatch Killa86 says:

      Superman again wasn’t superman, superman dosnt have fun just laser beaming people over and over again for no reason just because he can, mother boxes scared of superman when superman only been around for like 25 years or whatever Darkseid is 1000s of years old why not come back before? Mother boxes aren’t evil… yet their scared of superman… and they look pretty evil… cyborg was ok, flash stuff was weird but some ok, aquaman was useless, batman siad his boss was Alfred, wonder woman ok, 40 min of slow mo not ok, they gang never seemed together like whendons but better action, Darkseid didn’t seem like Darkseid didn’t sound intelligent or scary, im just use to Darkseid knowing hes boss with his hands behind his back omega beaming everything lol movie is not terrible just alot not needed and everything was gray for four hours at 4.3…

    • molten tomatoes says:

      @Billel Madridista I can’t wait for the sequel, when Superman will lose Lois and Darkseid get controls over Superman, he’ll be deadly as hell

  12. Colonel Stan says:

    It was fucking amazing. The scene where Clark visits the ship and hears his fathers voices in his head, I was in tears. Superman is my favorite, and that scene was absolutely beautiful. Well done, Zack Snyder. Amazing.

  13. Return of the Fabulous Killjoys says:

    “This is DC?”
    “This is what DC is supposed to be.”

  14. Blake Meads says:

    People baffle me. They’ll complain about a movie being 4 hours, and then turn around and binge watch an entire season of a TV show in one day.

  15. Emerald says:

    When you finish the movie and see a black screen that say “For Autumn” 😭

  16. King says:

    Barry clutched it up NO CAP he saved all y’all’s favorite characters 😤

  17. Bitter Betty. says:

    Zack made me actually fear Steppenwolf.
    They made him look terrifying.

  18. Pisupo Odinson says:

    I really love how all those comical stupid flash scenes were cut, flash did not look like a helpless child in this version and he did some really big stuff here

  19. Rrs 1 says:

    I didn’t even realise 4 hours went past it didn’t drag or nothing. didn’t feel rushed or cut down or anything fully invested for 4 hours straight and didn’t even realise how much time went past. That’s how you know how good this movie was 🎥

  20. Vic Travels says:

    This honestly NEEDS a theatrical release. Josstice league shouldn’t even be considered canon after this.

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