Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Official Trailer #2 | HBO Max

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.


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87 Responses

  1. Playtamildub says:

    This is the real epic Justice League. 🔥
    Trailer itself gives Goosebumps.
    And waiting for the movie. 🎬

    • Nils Van Veen says:

      @MistaJ2002 when did I say that I don’t like superhero movies that go deep because I do. And with jokes in the MCU really depends on what movie you watch.

    • Nils Van Veen says:

      @MistaJ2002 I’m not saying that it will be bad but it’s just very overhyped. The movie will def be better then justice league I hope we can both agree on that. But we’ll see how it will turn out, I hope it wil revive the dceu because I do really want to like it.

    • Kailasnath V says:

      I don’t feel good about bringing a super villain in this film, unless he’s not a super villain! A glimpse of Darkseid or atleast a mention would do good in the movie. The complete reveal of him should have been shown in a future movie. Atleast, this movie is not part of DCEU.

    • MistaJ2002 says:

      @Nils Van Veen superhero movies are not just being colorful and non serious, always happy stuff. They can be like that but they can be serious too. They can get involved in what they do without joking around every singe time for no reason at all. Bvs showed how we can go deep into batman’s vision and also superman’s. That movie literally was about superman living in this world but with batman’s vision. No CBM director didnt even think of doing something epic like that but people still hated it just because they didnt understood the martha scene and superman didnt smile. I never said MCU superheroes cant joke but they literally joke every single time even in serious fights. Maybe thats entertaining but not realistic or not good for me at all. But we can love them both without fighting each other.

    • MistaJ2002 says:

      @Nils Van Veen i dont know why you call this overhyped because we all know how people even made facebook and twitter accounts only to hate on snyder just because he made bvs and laughed at his daughter’s death saying he deserved it. And when literally people started to understand how wrong they were about bvs after snyder released the ultimate edition, people started supporting him without hating him. Thats the main reason that led to this snyder cut. So if you still think its overhyped, i dont think we have anything more to talk about.

  2. LEAA113 says:

    *No protectors here. No Lanterns . No Kryptonian. This world will fall. Like all the others! Ω🖤*

  3. Heroes Fan Productions says:

    The euphoric, triumphant feeling I’m getting from this trailer tells me that when I’m finished watching this movie, I will be emotionally maxed out.

  4. AcidGlow says:

    Looks damn better than the other version we got. 🙂

    • Play Zone says:

      @Cornelius ok so what should he do , make lois the lead actress . Oh god and a more grounded story feels lifeless political views feels lifeless? . So what feels lively? Jokes , light hearted movie with zero to no character motivation .

    • inga han says:

      @Cornelius move on ?>. .. right … u do know that ever since the pre production the studio was non stop meddling the director , eg; add more quips / humor like marvel , cut it under 1 hour and 30 minutes which Zack snyder didnt comply cuz the movie would be a mess if that happens(like bvs theatrical version , lots of plot holes ) , change stephen wolf to be more like humanoid (like how thanos became more and more human from every MCu film iterations ) etc…. . i bet u ignore this reports lmao…….

      yeah snyder left the project cuz of stress and pressure of the studio

      if u really agree with the studio bringing whedon instead of delaying the movie to give time for snyder to mourn on his daughter… then go milk ur self on the josstice league version … its all yours lol.

    • inga han says:

      @Cornelius its funny how u call out the fans zombies . those zombies btw raised more than $500,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention … uhhmmm zombies , like grace randolph ? , like momoa? , ? ray fisher? ..

    • ShogunV says:

      what other version?

    • Cornelius says:

      @Nick Patterson my bias on the director stems from an examination of his films.

  5. Tarang Nadgeer says:

    (Disclaimer: Not original)
    The Flash: Why don’t we just go back in time and kill Baby Darkseid??

    Baby Darkseid: 0:01

  6. Mr Gonzalez says:

    Rebooting Superman And Not Be Henry Cavil, Is A Crime! 😠

    Henry Cavil Forever Superman! ❤️

  7. Tendo Michael says:

    The Steppenwolf here is actually a threat, who isn’t constantly crying for his mummy.

  8. Suleman Zafar says:

    They said that the Snyder Cut will never come.
    Fans: It will. It has to.

    • 13strong says:

      @VK4ALL Again, why the assumption that I adore MCU stuff? Love you 3000 was awful. DC fans have such a chip on their shoulder about Marvel, don’t they? So weird.

    • MistaJ2002 says:

      @Junaii i dont know why you think snyder fans asking for the snyder cut is nagging when haters did everything they could do to stop them and laughed at them. Maybe yoy dont understand how hard it was to get the snyder cut, but that does not mean it was nagging. So try again

      If you hate the snydercut movement, tell it straight without bitching around

    • MistaJ2002 says:

      @dayne segal its hilarious how you say its gonna suck even though it didnt even released yet and you fanbois are already judging it lol. And if you think its gonna suck, why are you here without watching something else bro?? Are you lost or something?? Just because your little mind cant understand whats going on, does not mean its a bad thing
      Wake the f**k up, i mean its cool, but you are living in a f**king dreamworld😂
      -zack snyder

    • ifie ejiroghene says:

      @dayne segal It doesnt matter if you think it will suck. I just want to see the directors vision. Thats all.

  9. Rahul Balasubramanian says:

    Everyone’s talking about Zack, but not Tom Holkenborg, the man finally got to present his epic score for Justice League, the one he initially worked and completed on.

    • Ondre says:

      Plenty of people have talked about Junkie’s score so far, just because YOU haven’t seen that many people talking about it doesn’t mean that they’re not

    • Mahender singh says:

      Yes, it will be a completely different movie just because of the score only.

    • TECOC341 Pawan Nirpal says:

      Hans not being in this makes me very nervous. 😟😟

    • Mahender singh says:

      @TECOC341 Pawan Nirpal BOth of them sound amazing and just listen to mad max fury road soundtrack.

    • TECOC341 Pawan Nirpal says:

      @Mahender singh I did, now, but being totally honest it sounded only wild, it did not sound like storytelling, as Hans would do, it’s like Hans would tell you the entire story just through his score without a word being spoken, While I look forward to the movie but I’m still nervous that he’s not there in it, reason, Hans’ does not do sequels but he literally develops the score over time, like it evolves with the character, just look at Nolan’s Batman, or Po with Kung fu panda.

  10. LostSoul AT says:

    The original movie was a waste of time for me, but this looks really promising. At least visually it looks outstanding.

    • Julian Gomez says:

      @Dustin Caldwell At least, we hope so.

    • Dustin Caldwell says:

      @NP138 everything is boring dark muted colours. So good looking.

    • hewhoisthere says:

      @Dustin Caldwell How do you feel about Tim Burton’s Batman? Or Blade? Or the movie SEVEN? Can dark not be beautiful? How do you feel about black and white films?

    • Dustin Caldwell says:

      @hewhoisthere I love black and white films, in fact I think black and white is sometimes better than colour. Justice League doesn’t look beautiful though, it’s colours are very muddy and the CGI is just fine. Also they’re superheroes who wear bright colourful costumes, this doesn’t capture that at all.

    • hewhoisthere says:

      @Dustin Caldwell Snyder has said the best way to view the movie is in B&W as he is a big fan of movies likw that, and it will be an option when this releases. Do you think you’ll watch it that way or nah? I think it looks fine, and think its a huge improvement over Josstice Leagues over-saturation. I wish Man of Steel had more color though after having seen clips on youtube with color correction.

  11. The ELITE says:

    Whedon’s version:”You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die”
    Zack’s Art:”I have a second chance. I am not gonna waste it”

  12. N Yepthomi says:

    *The person who started the Snyder Cut Movement must be feeling like a God right now!*

    • Vatsal Sharma says:

      Why are you talking about me mate ? Each of the fans. All of us. Every one of us true comic fan started it. Doesn’t matter if you like sony,Marvel or DC. The world knew what had happened. And this is what the fans can do.

    • Richard Taylor says:


    • The Negative One says:

      A NEW GOD

    • Sankhara says:

      Or rather, props to the pandemic and the intensifying streaming wars, and AT&T who saw an opportunity to get some quick exclusive Batman event content by throwing a meager 70 million on top of an existing if incomplete film (compared to Disney paying 25 million per episode of WandaVision / 30 per episode of Mandalorian). It’s not like AT&T actually cares for ‘what fans want’.

    • Rosscoe Bonbons says:

      I am a god, you’re welcome

  13. NickVaFan says:

    We need Snyder, the world needs him.

  14. MrAltair786 says:

    WB said that the age of heros will never return.

    “It will. It has to”, Zack Snyder replied.

  15. Sourish Chakraborty says:

    For DC’s SAKE, he clearly has a certain vision , a self contained saga to tell that might as well be the definitive modern DC film. Please #RestoreTheSnyderVerse atleast make it its own reality so that Snyder can complete his vision.

    • john fisher says:

      Yeah definitely not going to happen. For one we don’t know if dc wants even do a universe based on disastrous the previous attempt was

  16. The Living Paradox says:

    ”I have a second chance, and Im not gonna waste it”

    – Zack Snyder

  17. Argyrus 47 says:

    The trailer on its own is way superior to the Josstice League.

  18. Americahas Fallen says:

    This preview was more satisfying than Joss Whedon Justice League.

  19. Mokka Commentry says:

    Apocalyptic Music Playing ..

  20. MyLifeAsLouis says:

    Warner Bros: “It’s impossible!”
    Snyder: “No, it’s necessary.”

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