Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Sneak Peek | HBO Max

Zack Snyder’s Justice League | Sneak Peek | HBO Max

Only on HBO Max 2021.


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81 Responses

  1. charley15z says:

    This also made me realize that with Snyder’s Cut, in addition to the new footage, we’ll also be getting a different score instead of Elfman’s. This makes me extra happy, especially if we get to hear Hans’s Superman them again.

  2. Thomas Pearson says:

    Can you imagine how much money Warner Bros would’ve saved if they’d just seen through Zack’s compromised Justice League vision.

    • ReaperBlaze76 says:

      @I Have A Big Bick Yes they paid to fuck up a movie made by Zack Snyder, the same Zack Snyder whose last films were all garbage that were critically panned and rip apart by the public.

    • Frobsons desenhos says:

      @Celestialz lol you need to stop believing in rumors

    • kyoki86 says:

      @ReaperBlaze76 I don’t need to go into reasons why it’s done endgame made that clear with the general audience. Even if they make more it will not have the same level of success of previous films or excitement. The mcu is done time to move on of course you stans will love em but smart ppl will watch other good movies not filled with jokes and quips every other scene.

    • ReaperBlaze76 says:

      @kyoki86 And once again you can’t make an actual argument all you do is make childish insults instead of making a real response.

    • First of the Fallen says:

      @kyoki86 You calling him a fanboy is rich. When it is quite clear that you are in fact the dumb fanboy here.

      I have been a comic book reader all my life and I am sure I know more about DC comics than you do. I have always preferred DC over Marvel. Dream, Death, Lucifer Morningstar(not the one from the show), Superman, and Wonder Woman are my favorite comic book characters. All-Star Superman is my favorite Superman book. Endless Nights is my favorite one shot. A League if One is my favorite Wonder Woman story and despite the naysayers, I loved Final Crisis, so I am especially invested in the Justice League movie because some shots are reminiscent of Final Crisis.

      But saying no one is checking for the MCU films anymore is a blatant falsehood. You are either delusional, blind, or an abject liar. I can categorically state that you have no proof to back your argument up.

      I am not talking about the quality of the movies. Since that is subjective and you are entitled to your opinion. But the last MCU film made over a billion dollars. One doesn’t get to that box office number by being unpopular.

      How about you practice what you preach and accept the fact that the MCU has been a spectacular success and there is no evidence to suggest that it is done. After all, acceptance is the first step.

  3. Bryan Abad says:

    I’m getting hbo max just to see this movie.

    • zayn .a. k says:

      @Charan Rahul how to use telegram?

    • MadBigRobotJox says:

      @Endangered Mexican way to go really 🙄

    • Neo62003 ‘ says:

      That’s the idea guy

    • 30 year old boomer says:

      @Endangered Mexican nope can’t do that. HBO MAX listened TO WHAT THE FANS WANTED. And they heard us! It’s time for all of us fans to put our money where our mouth is! If HBO MAX makes a lot of money from this then WB will greenlight the rest of the snyder films!

    • Jojo Fs says:

      @Endangered Mexican Sure you must be Latin American like me (I am from Guatemala) and believe me this time I am committed to supporting HBO Max and I am willing to use a VPN to legally have the service available. It is our opportunity to support the work of Zack Snyder and the effort of the DC community to have this cut, I encourage you to join too. Greetings 😀

  4. A.J Thomas says:

    When Diana is afraid of what she saw, you know Steppenwolf is much weaker than his nephew.

  5. Angelgrinder says:

    The bells, cannot be unrung! He’s hungry. He’s found us. And He’s coming!

  6. Johnnyxp64 says:

    Snyder loves Greece and Greek History and Mythology. Here the writings on the wall are from Ancient Greek not actual words but partial Greek like Σκοτομηδης and Δαρκειδος
    the first means something like “Darkman or the man that brings Darkness (Σκότος) ” and the other “Dark item” but is more like like English with with Greek alphabet…. and the font is the one used typically in Greek Orthodox Churches…so this is some kind of Temple maybe.
    very cool. Thanks Z. 😎🇬🇷

  7. The Flow says:

    That’s what I am talking about. The score makes such a difference. So much tension!

  8. Kyle Carter says:

    Is Lex referring to superman, when he said “the god is dead”?

  9. venkatesh durai says:

    Look at that small details man the mother boxes in that sculpture

  10. Gaming zone says:

    The 30 seconds of Zack Snyder’s Justice League are better than whole josstice league movie.

  11. Carmel says:

    Saw the video like more that 10 times, just to see Darkseid standing.

  12. luke ketchum says:

    Thanos: I am Inevitable!
    Darkseid: Allow me to introduce myself.

  13. Destry Giannonatti says:

    The Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL scores alone will improve the movie.

    Edit: Okay, apparently it’s only Junkie XL but still. I thought they were bringing back Zimmer’s scores from previous movies. The only thing I liked about Danny Elfman was him bringing back the nostalgic Batman score. Other than that… meh.

    • Kush Patel says:

      I really liked the flash’s theme cuz its like a better version of the CW flash theme but added with some cool inception horns n shit

    • Leonardo Orendain says:

      I liked the Wonder Woman score, with the terrorists in the beginning. I also liked the score when the Queen fired the arrow other than that, that’s about it.

    • Leonardo Orendain says:

      I like Danny Elfman, the guy is a genius but it was obvious that he had no time, it was all rushed. I remember Danny marketing the movie: “I don’t know why they never used the old scores of the previous movies, they were perfect!” But the reality, if he could tell us exactly what he may have wanted to say, I feel is more: “no time, will just bring back the old scores because that is the only thing time will allow now.”

    • Cryope says:

      @João Machado To be fair to Elfman he wasn’t give a whole lot of time to work on the score. But also yes, it was generic and boring.

    • jessamor says:

      @TheQnebra Junkie is a protégé of Hans Zimmer. The “Is She With You?” track is largely Junkie’s work.

  14. shima. says:

    The fact that Wonder Woman is scared says a lot about darkseid. When was the last time you’ve seen WW scared like that?😳

  15. Antonio Lansang says:

    Zack Snyder: “Dread it. Run from it. My Cut arrives all the same.”

    • Kaunte says:

      Fun isn’t something one considers when making a movie, but this does put a smile on my face.

    • Ręd Ro͞nin says:

      And now its here

    • Toploaded Gaming says:

      The godfather series, Lord of the rings, am I missing something? You said theater, don’t know. Kinda confused. I mean, I doubt he got the actors back to finish scenes, so, whatever the run time is, I would imagine that’s what they filmed and anticipated. But admittedly I am uneducated on this. I figured “the snyder cut” wasn’t really a thing, so shows what I know. I am completely dumbfounded by this. How did they let him film enough to make a movie and then redo the movie. It makes no sense to me.

    • Kaunte says:

      @Toploaded Gaming none of the Godfather or LOTR films are 4 hours? Except for the extended version of Return of the King, but thats not the version that was in theaters

    • Toploaded Gaming says:

      Okay fair enough. Felt like four hours to me lol.

  16. AlvinWazHere says:

    Remember this, thats the Baby Darkseid. We still dont know how he looks in his Final Form.

  17. Ishan Editx says:

    a painting of darkseid is hella badass than whole of steppenwolf’s cgi.

  18. Patriotic Cat says:

    Bells: Rung

    God: dead

    Hotel: Trivago

    For everything else there’s MASTERCARD (bat edition)

  19. Syryu says:

    Thanos: I am inevitable
    Darkseid: Darkseid has no beginning. Darkseid has no end. Darkseid is.

  20. Floated Ash289 says:

    Sees a sneak peak: yes!

    Sees Wonder women’s cut: Yes!

    Sees Darkseid: YES!!!!!!!!!!

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