ZAYN – Entertainer (Official Video)

ZAYN – Entertainer (Official Video)

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43 Responses

  1. coolboi jaja says:

    Zayn has officially proved he is an actor

  2. LukaSalvador says:

    That voice made me horny

  3. coolboi jaja says:

    Part 1- Let Me
    Part 2- Entertainer
    Part 3- Dusk till dawn
    Part 4- Coming soon
    It’s a whole movie. We can watch it in the end in order and understand it all

  4. Kylie Crucifixion says:

    Thank God this is a million times better than Let Me. This is more of the Zayn I’ve been waiting for, but still nothing great like on Mind of Mine

  5. TAMERANO 7 says:

    Before one million???

  6. AndréAlves-VideosVEVO says:

    Cade Os Br 🇧🇷 ? Veja a tradução legendado em portugues clique aqui

  7. Sude obviously says:

    2:51 art.

  8. Alperen Yazıcı says:

    Where are the turkish fans? 🇹🇷

  9. Tay tay 13 says:

    Here before 1M!

  10. FaTeMa Zzz says:

    Zayn you’re my favorite entertainer 😍😍😍

  11. King Dang says:

    Wow the vibes is crazy sweet

  12. Rahmat Fiqih says:

    I want the acoustic version🔥

  13. Bhai Dodum Phassang says:

    Zayn👌👌 You’re my Fav Entertainer

  14. dialTick says:

    LET ME be your ENTERTAINER from DUSK TILL DAWN. Amazing

  15. Amjad Hossain says:

    1st time, didn’t like it
    2nd time, let’s listen again..
    3rd time, you’re my favourite entertainer…. <3

  16. Mięta says:

    Love it 💖

  17. JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonist says:


  18. Kaila Vaige says:

    I really wish Zayn would give us a signal on who his songs are about. He writes such powerful songs….it HAS to be about someone he knew for a long time.

  19. Fanny Stylinson says:

    I love you Zayn 😭😭👏❤

  20. MR - StarkSan says:

    3-Dusk Till Dawn
    2-Let Me

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