Zayn – PillowTalk PARODY Key of Awesome #107

Zayn – PillowTalk PARODY Key of Awesome #107

Zayn Malik is a serious artist now, and he’s not happy about it.

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Written by Mark Douglas and Doug Larsen
Directed by Mark Douglas
D.P. – Bob Geile
Gaffer – Jon Stevens
A.D. – Doug Larsen
Grip – Luis Ramirez
Editors – Doug Larsen and Dan Melius
Hair and Make Up – Kristen Alimena
Props and Wardrobe – Cara Alpert

Zayn Malik- Monroe Robertson
Gigi Hadid- Paige Grimard

Porcupine Lady – Natonia Monet
Unicorn #1 – Tenealle Farragher
Unicorn #2 – Amber Villanueva
Harry Styles – Ryan Russell

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Music Produced by EMW Music Group
Vocals – Sam Nulton
Mixed/Mastered by Anthony Galindo

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20 Responses

  1. Sunny Shakur says:


  2. Richie Anne Villacorta says:

    He’s hot

  3. Shivani Chhab says:


  4. Blackopspro says:

    why creepy harry at end?

  5. Melia Nem says:

    pillow F***!

  6. Darren Crawford says:

    Holy Cat Hospital Batman Mark wasn’t in this one, jk. Great parody as
    usual, I thought you would of had the unicorns go into a battle royal and
    just start beating on each other but you went love not war with that one.
    Maybe you could do a video of your new House of Awesome. p.s. You forgot to
    list Ryan Russell – Harry in the cast credits. Keep up the good work!

  7. Mrbattledude says:

    You know, after the History parody I thought KOA might have gotten back on
    track and start making good parodies again, so this parody feels like a
    slap in the face. In the History behind the scenes video, Mark said that
    they have everything ready for the Pillow Talk parody but the script, maybe
    that’s what went wrong? Mark just half-assed the script for the sake of
    time, I hope so because if it wasn’t that then we are in the KOA dark ages.

  8. 5 Finger says:

    oh my god. . . 0:06
    i thought she was a man..

  9. Doe Eyes says:

    does Monroe Robertson has youtube channel? I have a crush on him <3_3

  10. Jovielicious says:


  11. Ashley Thompson says:

    I knew it! I always knew Harry Styles was Satan!

  12. Nauj attack says:

    “eating fish with some chips” would been better tho.

  13. Himalayan MusicVevo says:

    Can I get Likes For no reasons????

  14. Rorshac94 says:

    What happened to the mini song you promised still holding out for chomp dat

  15. Ajmol Hossoain Pabel says:


  16. Kitkat x3 says:

    This video is kinda late on the original song

  17. rebecca chavez says:

    do a trap queen parody

  18. hellen marin says:

    was that supposed to be Harry at the end?

  19. Kush Kush says:

    Pillow fuck
    something all teenage boys do.

  20. Clark Tierney says:

    This is F’n brill.