ZAYN – Sour Diesel (Audio)

ZAYN – Sour Diesel (Audio)

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53 Responses

  1. Jebus says:

    Zayns music never disappoints me.

  2. CH PRODUCTION says:

    Why i feel fun when listen to this lmao…@@

  3. Khoko Styles says:

    Wtf with the picture

  4. Sam covers says:


  5. Gaddida Shiva Roshan says:

    Every song is a masterpiece, hope he release the album soon! #zquad ❤️

  6. Pruthvi Karnik says:

    The dislike are from petrol users.

  7. حكاوي فتكات says:

    العرب الي هنا يجمعواا ، زين كسر كل القواعد

  8. E RV says:

    Didn’t really like zayn when he first left 1d…. but this really sealed the deal love this song #zsquad

  9. Priya Zayn says:

    Love You Zayn

  10. EK2 says:

    *99% of you wont read this but,*

    Let us know what you think of our new soundtrack “Lost Fragments”

    Have a lovely week 🙂

  11. Lottelovesbeauty says:

    Is it weird I’m getting Harry vibes listening to this song? 😍

  12. Shini Mini says:

    Every of zayn’s song is trending in INDIA
    Love u

  13. Priya Zayn says:

    #42 on India <3

  14. Justiп Biеbег says:


  15. RiYa BiEbS says:

    VOCALS blessing! ❤🔥

  16. WheelAuthorityPK says:

    Trending in Pakistan 🇵🇰 ✌️

  17. ALX says:


  18. Dr. DEVIL says:

    It’s addictive song

  19. Alain Bruno says:

    This song is dope 👍

  20. A D says:

    I think it’s good tho I wonder why so many people hate it.

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