Zebra vs Horses (Americapox Part 2)

Zebra vs Horses (Americapox Part 2)

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20 Responses

  1. Seyha Leonhartz says:


  2. lair345 says:

    ive never laughed so much at a gcpgrey video before.

  3. SpenserFL says:

    Wow Grey really went all out on the stock footage this time round. Must’ve
    been expensive.

  4. Your Doge says:

    I like this new humor style.

  5. Mateusz Zamczyński says:

    Wrong on many levels. Implying that getting bulls to become ox was easy and
    that they were friendly therefore easy to domesticate is purely wrong.

    also, it required colonists rom eutope to domesticate an animal like
    fucking TURKEY, which means other cultures were not really that eager to
    domesticate anything.

  6. Bilbo Fagins says:

    Looks like cgp grey, has grown a sense of humour

  7. Andrej Pv says:

    Great work Grey. Keep up the work

  8. Arina Nuha says:

    is that penis ?

  9. Pandagamer says:

    wheres part 1

  10. Van Exel (Vanexel007) says:

    Did you just go and steal the entire premise from Jared Diamonds book? Or
    are you paying him royalties for “Guns, Germs and Steel”?

  11. Sir Nils Olav says:

    I bet you can domesticate Zebras, though maybe it’s not as efficient as a
    horse. I see no reason why you, together with a tribe and some wolfs
    couldn’t catch a couple of zebras. Keep them restraint, start the breeding
    and then they’re domesticated. Sure, as the video states, it’s more
    difficult because zebras have the mindset of a feminist “I’m a strong
    independent zebra who don’t need no man!” but after a couple of years of
    breeding them, they should be able to put to use, shouldn’t they?

  12. lol666 says:

    Do you think it was fucking easy to domesticate cattle and horses? When
    will Jared Diamonds shitty book be recognized for the shit it is

  13. 工藤新一 says:

    taming a huam is like having a slave

  14. Truthseeker01010101 says:

    Reminds me of one of the most ancient human writtings, the book of Job.

    “Will the rhinoceros unicornis consent to serve you?Will it stay by your
    manger at night?
    10Can you hold it to the furrow with a harness?Will it till the valleys
    behind you?
    11Will you rely on it for its great strength?Will you leave your heavy work
    to it?
    12Can you trust it to haul in your grainand bring it to your threshing
    A simple writing that mimics this video, and is one of our most ancient
    texts, interesting how we still think just like we did 4000 years ago. the
    old Indian Rhino still roams free.

    I’m an atheist so please do not reply with religious nonsense. I am also a
    historian and love ancient texts, so anti ancient history wont be
    appreciated either.

  15. Pinksugarelephant says:

    Friendly, feedable, fecund and family friendly is also a good checklist if
    you are looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. Not so sure about the fecund
    part but interest in the…process is pretty important.

  16. trckojr says:

    One more beautiful video. Thank you CGP Grey!

  17. Jakob Holter Melgaard says:

    didnt pigs “evovle” from boars? boars aint friendly!!

  18. Matthew Raymond says:

    I think the “tiny tigers” line is going to have the opposite effect on cat
    people than CGP Grey intended. I can imagine someone using it right now:

    “How’s my tiny tiger today? I luvs you so much!”

    It’s unintentionally, and paradoxically, adorable!

  19. n35w101 says:

    Can you imagine a union of CGP Grey and VSauce?

  20. Hawyer Cruz says:

    This is educational and interesting, I love it! But why do shitposts like
    “top tens” and clickbait make so many views? Why are people so shallow and