Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom FINAL TRAILER REACTION

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom FINAL TRAILER REACTION

The final trailer is here… and it RULES.

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35 Responses

  1. Zeltik says:

    Analysis video in the works. Might take a little longer than usual, though: this trailer is PACKED

  2. allisworld1isme says:

    It’s always fun to see you react to new stuff because I can see your brain running at 1000mph and simultaneously completely coming to a freeze.

  3. Andres Barquin says:

    Something I noticed, during the events that transpired before SS, the humans were cowering in fear, unable to fight, and hylia sent them all into the sky, while the rest of the races banded together to fight demise and his demons. What we are seeing here, however, is the hylians fighting back against ganon and his army along with the other tribes. And seeing as the hylians are not being sent into the sky, among many other things, I think it is pretty safe to say we are not seeing the birth of a cyclical timeline here.

    • kristopher says:

      ​@KomoUniverse I think its a prequel (So like the start of the timeline) But then they realise they are in a loop and end it.

    • Elliot Musgrove says:

      @Zedd Wulfen it’s possible with both demise and a reincarnation of demise, we might be getting some kinda temporal paradox, and that might mess up some things.

    • KomoUniverse says:

      @Andres Barquin well i think i is a prequel to SS

    • Ryan Hipp says:

      Unless this time the timeline is changed. Like the loop happens forever until the enemy is truly vanquished.

    • rangun'tn't says:

      @Qays Rasul I know this trend more or less vanished in the early 2010’s, but what if zelda unlocks a meter that can temporarily turn her into hylia and make her super buff and when she unlocks all the whatevers, you get a boss fight with infinite hylia and maybe even endgame with op zelds

  4. John says:

    Watching zeltik react like a kid makes me smile. You can tell he is very passionate about this series. As if that wasn’t obvious already.

  5. Daniel Câmara says:

    Seeing Zeltik’s pure joy is just so wholesome! I smiled throughout the whole trailer

  6. Drivitt says:

    I bet Zeltik is going to spend the next 24 hours going through the trailer frame by frame, preparing to give us a video about this trailer. I can’t wait to hear the more in depth thoughts!

    • Jack johnson says:

      @Anthony Ryan Yeah, not a long time zelda fan obviously.

    • Anthony Ryan says:

      ​@Jack johnson you’re silly. Calamity ganon was Malice. Did that look like a real man to you? You’ve only played botw though haven’t you?

    • AK_otter says:

      @Jack johnson Ganon down in the cave from the first trailer was the source of the malice that created “Ganon” from the calamity. So the enemy from the first game was not actually Ganon it was just a fake or something like a phantom Ganon, something to mess with the rest of Hyrule until he came back so we can only assume that the real Ganon will be much worse

    • Pointy Stories says:

      @Zeroes & Ones Might be Hylia… might not be…

    • Jack johnson says:

      I don’t get it, didn’t we beat this guy in BOTW? how is he back again already? everything we did in BOTW was useless then.

  7. Blake W says:

    As someone who actually really likes the previous TOTK teasers, I can wholeheartedly say that *this* is the earth-shattering trailer we’ve been waiting for, the one to compete with BOTW’s trailers. They’ve finally met their match. The ABSURD MUSIC, the INSANE environments and gameplay mechanics that I can’t even begin to ponder the details of, and more. THAT was it.
    And we’re now under a month away. Insane.💚

    • Stillhet says:

      @Darian Jenkins Nothing will ever beat the pure hype and satisfaction of that last BoTW trailer, but this one is a better trailer IMO.

    • Biggie Cheese Jr says:

      Same I’ve been hyping this game up holding out hope that all those ppl saying it’s just dlc were wrong, now I can confidently say that they are

    • Brandon Deacon says:

      I felt every once if petty doubt leave my body during the duration of that trailer

    • TheDarkNate says:

      @Rocco right, thats what i was saying

    • Rocco says:

      @TheDarkNate it could’ve been a way to get publicity on the game as well because we all know that negativity sells better than positivity

  8. orinblank says:

    The music for this trailer is just phenomenal. The way that they blend the modern and classic themes is just amazing. It genuinely made me so excited that I teared up

  9. riuphane says:

    These trailers make me so emotional. The Zelda IP has come so far and done so much, seeing these epic trailers fills me with a sense of excitement, wonder, and awe that leaves me shaking slightly and misty eyed. Can’t wait to play this

  10. lily ▴ says:

    can we take a minute to talk about how beautiful the music is? i’m speechless. this game is going to be AMAZING.

    • BlueZaton says:

      I’m in love with the classic / BOTW mix

    • Captain Narwha1 says:

      @Daniel Donovan i hope we get a bit of both. i love the ambient music in botw but miss the classic themes.

    • Daniel Donovan says:

      I love that they’re leaning into the classic theme songs a little bit mroe compared to botw while still having that style of music

    • Andrew Shevchuk says:

      Definitely! I didn’t think that the music could possibly live up to what they composed for the last Breath of the Wild trailer, but oh my god did it!

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