Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom GAMEPLAY Analysis

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom GAMEPLAY Analysis

A breakdown of the gameplay footage of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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38 Responses

  1. TheOldKing says:

    Some things you didn’t mention that I noticed
    1. The tree branches are a different color for the yellow trees
    2. When you use the “ascend” power you have the option to stay in the ground and not pop up
    3. There seems to be a new mushroom type that’s white with blue spots
    4. There were multiple thunder clouds floating around the sky (maybe they would shock your metal weapons if you flew through them?)
    5. The thermometer is actually slightly different, it looks more modern.
    6. There was a new plant on the sky islands after the river called a Stambulb (probably used to create a stamina dish or elixir)
    7. Death mountain appears to have no lava

    • Krishna McKay says:

      ​@Gamer Girl Yes I think we can also use ascend to reach the sky. We kinda see that in the e3 2021 trailer. It makes sense to me, as with a sky island 🏝 above you, you have a ceiling

    • Krishna McKay says:

      He also hadnt mentioned that at 1 moment we see the vials on his hip but he only has 1 right now, instead of the 8. This seems to be quite early game so he either starts with 1, or none but gets 1 early on, & then we gradually collect more

    • Mr. Leaf says:

      @Flynn Robertson that is the only reason why the name appeared, I just realized that names only appear above things if you can talk to them

    • Mr. Leaf says:

      @Jstar338 It was only exploding because of vah rudania but it was still flowing lava before the great calamity

    • Starring Dolly & Henry & Friends says:

      @ALLCBros X A setting in the game for C or F would be nice.

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I’m having the same overwhelming feeling when I first saw the Breath of the Wild trailer. There is so much to learn from this game, but I think as we keep playing we will learn within a week or two

  3. Jaden Everitt says:

    You missed something while Link is skydiving. During that clip Aonuma pans up just enough to clearly show the Great Hyrule Forest has been straight up deleted. Not just the Deku tree is missing, the entire forest is gone. Is it all in a sky island? I have no idea but it’s definitely not on the surface anymore.

    • Jaden Everitt says:

      @Alver Guanzon And we know from the last trailer the darkness is now gone so something definitely must have happened. It’s proximity to the forest might have caused it to also get caught in the crossfire so to speak.

    • Alver Guanzon says:

      Typhlo ruins might be responsible for that since it is heavily related to zonai and up until now, the darkness that surrounds it was never solved

    • Jaden Everitt says:

      @Boosie Woosie It’s a possibility but we certainly haven’t seen any sky island that would indicate this. And that Korok had on a pretty big backpack suggesting a pretty long journey away from the forest. Just saying “I need to reach my friend” could mean anyone, anywhere. It doesn’t explicitly indicate the sky.

    • Mauricio says:

      Maybe that finally explain the theory about the Great Plateau and Great Hyrule Forest changing positions in the past before botw

    • Boosie Woosie says:

      It’s up in the sky…remember the korok on the ground said he wants to “reach” his friend.

  4. Magets Alive says:

    Random things I noticed:
    -If you’re paying attention to Dueling Peaks as Link rides towards the fallen sky block (3:03 in the video, left of Link’s head,) you can see what looks like one of those Zonai objects with the rings around them, projecting green rings into the air. Assuming for now that the green rings are “inactive” state, and it changes to the spiral we’ve seen in other trailers when it’s in the “active” state.
    -The Korok Frond that was first attached to the arrow and then overwritten with the White Chuchu Jelly was not consumed, so you can change your mind when it comes to “arrowheads” and not waste materials. Nice to see, and also implies that you can only put one material on an arrow at a time (unless you unlock the ability to add more materials later in the game, but that’s wild speculation.)
    -The Ranger Construct does in fact have a “Talk” interaction, which you can just barely see as Link gets close enough in the raft scene.

    • Diamonddotzip says:

      ​​@authoreyes i personally suspect that since they added a way to essentially craft your own ice arrows that they’ve removed them from the game entirely

      Something to back this up is that when he pulls out his bow, the weapon on the dpad changes to a bow, but the shield icon, which in botw would change to an arrow, stays as a shield

    • authoreyes says:

      I also wondered about the function of the arrows. If it is that you can attach more than one material to an arrow, then it would cancel out the use of specialty arrows (ice, bomb, fire).
      However, if materials are limited to one per arrow, that would mean specialty arrows would still have their use and (perhaps) also be able to have material attached to them
      Example: say an enemy that’s weak to ice is moving around too much. Attach an eyeball to an ice arrow and voila!

    • Wolf359 says:

      Those rings you see are just the spiral. Thank you so much for the extra noticings. I can’t wait to cook with leeks and blue mushrooms!

  5. ZakMilz says:

    It’s possible that the reason these zonai soilders are attacking link is due to his malice arm. Its possible since we see their technology being the thing sealing ganondorf away so they definitely have some sort of experience with it.

  6. Olilink says:

    Something that looks interesting is when he fused the log and the wooden stick he made the log club. But when he fused the rock to the shield, he still had the option to fuse the log club with the rock. So I’m wondering if there is a limit to what you can fuse or whether it would pop up with a menu either denying the fusion or maybe replacing the current one.

    • Boosie Woosie says:

      @Mark Morales Well we also know there are koroks back so maybe we can farm them and finally make “shit arrows”, those would be OP

    • Mark Morales says:

      @Boosie Woosie I wonder if lizard arrows will do the exact opposite of the homing keese eyeball ones and go veering off into the grass the moment an enemy looks in your direction. I can just picture it…

      Link to an enemy as he’s being spotted: “Shhh… you’ll spook my arrows”

    • Zephyr Enjoyer says:

      So no 20x Pitchfork fusing? Sadge

    • Boosie Woosie says:

      @Mark Morales That sounds like a solid weapon. I’m also thinking about attaching a squirrel to my zonai hammer, might get a bit more durability that way

    • Mark Morales says:

      @Boosie Woosie I on the other hand can’t wait to bitch-slap Gdorf with a thanksgiving turkey claymore

  7. Golden says:

    I think we should collectively be gearing up for Meat% Speedruns where you must beat every boss with only Meat Arrows. We all know it’s gonna happen, might as well start preparing and strategizing

  8. burnblue says:

    Zeltik analyses are so much better than others for patiently waiting to script, record and edit ot properly, delivered in a calm tone, vs other YouTubers who get theirs out within an hour or two. It’s worth the wait.

  9. simsenshi says:

    i’m so excited for this game omg. botw came out at a very low point in my life and it really helped me escape my reality so i’m feeling so emotional rn. i’m currently in a much better place and i really never thought i’d see this game come out but here i am. im so happy and emotional:’) its even coming out 2 weeks before my birthday! tloz means so much to me, and thank you so much for these videos! i watched ur channel a lot back then and it just feels so nice to come back:D

  10. ACGearsandArms says:

    What I find interesting is who the Zonai are if they’re being central to the game. They have magic and technology that rivals the Sheikah. There’s never been a race that matched them before in the series, so it’s curious where they were in the timeline.

    • millipedle says:

      @frank caggiano ooo what if those “ranger” constructs are an indicator. Maybe the zonai were trying to do something damaging to the landscape (which was triggered anyway by the malice) so the rangers stepped in preserve the landscape and activated the soldiers to attack anything that isn’t a construct. Or maybe the sky islands were triggered by the malice in a good way as the zonai’s last ditch effort to protect the land

    • frank caggiano says:

      @millipedle that 3rd option would be crazy, I think it’s very likely your first thought where they’re gone, whether entirely or mostly (scandalous), and their technology has long outlived them

    • Javier Sanchez says:

      I think the Zonai have some history in the twilight princess. I think that the world of Majoras and the Twilight zone emerged and fuse in some point with this timeline or maybe the different timelines crash and become one in some point, the Zonais can play with the time control and have the ability to fuse, maybe the goddess that we see unify the timelines cuz as long as Ganon exist in one timeline he can’t be defeated or eliminated.

    • millipedle says:

      I wonder if it’s going to be a “civilization wiped out and/or outlived by their tech” scenario. Because so far we’ve only seen robots, no zonai people. Unless it’s a 3rd option, they are the robots now

    • frank caggiano says:

      @TheCBoysDotCom when they first showcased the sky islands, my first thought was skyward sword as well of course, and then also the sky clan from minish cap. Could be another fun tie-in!

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