Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Analysis

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Analysis

A breakdown of the new trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild’s upcoming sequel!

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39 Responses

  1. Zeltik says:

    What do you think about Tears of the Kingdom??

    EDIT: the figure seemingly levitating shown on the carvings looks very similar to the “Zelda” carving, so it could well be her rather than Ganondorf!

    • eap8317 says:

      The new green dragon circle in the new game’s logo is the spiral (min 8:00) but looked from above… the spiral also has the same figure of the dragon head eating its tail.

    • My Resolution says:

      My question is, for botw and now this new one the Tri-force is still not mentioned…why? Only Zelda had the full Triforce in her hand …something to look into🤷🏾‍♀️

    • James Hart says:

      I have a theory. In the carving of zelda cup hands with the other …. Creature, there is something in front of there mouths. It almost looks like a breath. Im guessing its more like there spirit or life force switching body’s. Plus zelda and Ganon are depicted with the same upside down shieka eye. What if there’s body Possession in this game.

    • tanner denso says:

      Nobody is talking about this. I believe the deity in the carving is Farore, the goddess of courage. Think about it. In all the trailers we have been shown this green energy. Both holding down Ganondorf with its spirit hand, and integrating with Link. We all know Link is connected to Farore in past games through the triforce of courage. We know that the color associated with the triforce of courage is green. I believe that the first Link (hero) of Hyrule was Zonai. The first Hero of Hyrule was named Link and he was Zonai and the first Hylian or human of this land to be blessed with the triforce of courage from the goddess of courage herself Farore. Farore will be your guide for the game and the seven tears will need to be gathered to restore Hyrule and the Zonai kingdom of the past that is now up in the sky, probably aside Skyloft.

      The “savage Link” outfit is just an outfit that Farore gives to Link giving him some power that’s a mechanic for sections of the game. And it resembles the first Zonai hero.

      I know this is a lot and maybe I’m giving Nintendo too much credit, but they have been on record after BotW came out saying that BotW is going to be the future of 3D Zelda titles going forward. What if all that news from Nintendo saying that BotW was at the very end of the timeline because they want to start fresh with 3D Zelda and BotW was only the beginning. Setting up a trilogy of Zelda games for the next two decades. Starting with this one that focuses on Link, Farore, and the triforce of courage. Then leading into games about the triforce of wisdom and power and Zelda and Ganon.

      If you read all of this please tell me what you think? BotW is my favorite video game of all time and I’ve become obsessed trying to plot out this sequel in my head.

    • tanner denso says:

      Zeltik I love your theory videos! Please check out the comment that I left. I hope you consider talking about it because I know you know the Zelda theology better than most content creators. I thought what I came up with was pretty creative and could spark some good conversations.

  2. CZsWorld says:

    It feels like this teaser was created for people like you to analyze. There’s more in the subtext than the surface level trailer. I’m glad we got a name though! Tears of the Kingdom. TotK

  3. Michael Nello says:

    I’m getting huge “restoration” vibes from this game.
    The most notable being the ouroboros iconography, cycles beginning anew and going back to what once was. Then there’s the time shifting mechanics literally putting things back where they came from, restoring them to a previous state of being. The way they’ve shot it makes me feel like link is trying to restore things back to a time before the current Hyrule, and maybe even before the events that took place 10,000 years prior.
    The name “Tears” reminds of the tears of light mechanics from previous games, especially Twilight’s version where you’re retrieving them to literally restore a region back to what it once was before the twilight took over.
    The symbolism of the Mastersword being broken and seemingly being ‘restored’ by some sort of green magic on the title screen.
    I think that is what the theme of this game is going to be. Where Breath of the Wild was about freedom, I think Tears of the Kingdom will be about restoring the kingdom to what it once was.

    • Thelango99 says:

      @Kyle Hill The N64 DD did release in Japan. It was originally to release in 1995 along with the console itself (which was delayed till March 1996).
      In Japan the 64DD released in 1998 and was cancelled the following year (weak sales).

      It had absolutely nothing to do with the PS2.

    • ACGearsandArms says:

      Funnily enough, you know who used a tear to destroy the Twilight Mirror? Midna. Tear magic. Is it reference to the Twili and their magic or coincidence?

    • Trev Does Weird Things says:

      @Kyle Hill dang bro that’s deep

    • Dr. Antonio Betancourt says:

      Holy shit, good analysis.

    • Darwin Watterson says:

      it reminds me of skyward sword’s lanayru desert and mine where you have to restore it back to its past / future using the time reversal mechanics, bringing it back to life so to speak, and speaking of which the combination of sky islands with the surface below the clouds seems to fit there ! i already saw people theorizing about twilight princess, i wonder if they’re really trying to have fun with combining lore from games now

  4. 爪楊枝 says:

    Probably everyone know this already but the seven symbols around the figure are called megatama in Japan, it used to be an religious symbol but now just generally represent spirit/spiritual world/spiritual power. It’s used in Ace Attorney series too. It also looks similar to the zonai spiral symbol
    Most Japanese reactors recognized the megatama immediately and just pass it as a spiritual symbol while some western reactors see it as a tear drop and link it to the game title, it’s so interesting!

  5. Jasmine Mayo says:

    Things I noticed:
    1. The floating symbols around the carving of the Sage-ish person are shaped like Amber relics from Skyward Sword
    2. 7:09 there’s a giant hole in the ground, I believe where a Sheikah tower used to be. We’ve noted them missing in previous trailers but I don’t know if we’ve ever seen actual craters where they used to stand.
    3. The dragons on the giant door are forming a circle, but are facing each other at the top of the door and are connected at the bottom. This seems significant as opposed to the more Ouroboros-like design at the end. Perhaps showing how forces that used to be used to balance each other out are now in a cycle of endlessly consuming each other? Maybe that cycle is what we will be stopping in TOTK before it destroys Hyrule?

    • ACGearsandArms says:

      Hyrule has been destroyed in Wind Waker, so I think it might potentially be destroyed in this game. But will it be reborn or abandoned?

    • Vincent Pham says:

      5:38 Faron tower is gone too!!!

    • Alexander Saksvoll says:

      @Ardain It seems to be Ridgeland tower indeed. And you might be right, maybe the bodies of water are all gone/evaporated or something and this hole/crater is all that is left. We have not seen much water in this world, to be honest..

    • Kyle Hill says:

      @Ardain I hope if they have Shrines it’s as good of a job as Second Wind. God I don’t think I can handle regular Shrines anymore.

    • Kyle Hill says:

      @Julia Rivera I plan to stick to finishing Botw Second Wind and get this later in the year when it gets a bit darker earlier at night. I like playing my games more towards nighttime when it’s darker outside and hardly do games in the day.

  6. Mr1991bbk says:

    From what we know, it really only makes sense that the mysterious figure is a depiction of Hylia. Hylia and Zelda crossing arms as to join each other makes thematic sense and the 7 tears could be depictions of the seven sources of power that the sages derive their power from. The sages have been closely related to Zelda and by transitive properties, Hylia.

    • UltimateTobi says:

      @Mr1991bbk Fair enough.

    • Mr1991bbk says:

      @UltimateTobi I meant as in spiritually. It isn’t uncommon for a God to join spirits or souls with a mortal when they reincarnate or equivalent, especially in Japanese media.

    • UltimateTobi says:

      @Pink Blossoms Yes. I deliberately left time travel out of the picture here, speaking from a thematic sense.
      It is of course possible that Zelda is transferred to the past and stands face to face with her original, divine self.

      But that would have to be an important event, since someone made a picture of it out of stone (assuming these stone carvings in the trailer are actual things in-game and in-universe and not just created for the trailer).

      It’s highly likely we’ll see some form of time travel, or flash backs, but I hope it’s limited; the less time travel, the better (this isn’t Steins;Gate after all LOL). And since Nintendo wanted to get away from all these timelines (hence why they created a game set tens of thousands of years in the future), dabbling yet again in time travel of this magnitude (Zelda meeting her divine self) would undo that ambition.

      But most importantly: neither Hylia nor Zelda have anything to do with the Zonai, as of yet and to our knowledge. So seeing both cupping hands amidst Zonai caligraphy doesn’t make too much sense.
      It’d be a stronger case if it was a carving in Hylian style (royal symbolism among Triforce symbolism).

      Edit: We also see the same divine being surrounded by 7 circular symbols, probably depicting the seven sages. Zelda is the 7th sage. So, she already is depicted in a different frame as a subordinate.

    • Pink Blossoms says:

      @UltimateTobi True but at one point in time only Hylia existed. So if there’s time travel, there would be two entities even though Zelda is just a vessel for Hylia. Think of every time travel movie ever.

    • UltimateTobi says:

      I don’t think it makes thematic sense, strictly speaking. Since Hylia IS Zelda (or vice versa). Hylia didn’t give a mortal her powers. She reincarnated AS a mortal.
      The depiction seen in the trailer suggest cooperation as equals. But Zelda and Hylia aren’t equals (even if you see them as seperate entities (divine VS mortal)), they’re one and the same.

      I don’t believe it’s Hylia and Zelda depicted here.

  7. Croton says:

    BRILLIANT connections between the title Tears of the Kingdom, and how it describes Hyrule’s renewing conflict of war and sorrow through the logo. Your theories and conclusions on them make me super hyped for what’s to come!

    To think of how Nintendo built all these amazing details around the zonai, who were just meant to be a mysterious race with ruins around Breath of the Wild, now turned to this it’s amazing

    • Kelvin Fajardo says:

      IMO I don’t think it is tears like 😢, but rather “tears”, literally, pieces of an ancient kingdom. If my memory doesn’t fail me, one of the reason the title was kept a secret for such a long time was because it, supposedly, gave hint of the plot, and seeing the trailer now, for me it’s just logical that these are the pieces of a torn kingdom floating around.

    • rimmerproductions says:

      I think it’s also a play on the word tiers, since there are now multiple tiers (platforms) around Hyrule.

    • Willy Wonka Wizard says:

      Well well well… Another famous Zelda YouTuber. Perhaps a co-op video is in order. I do watch you both frequently.

  8. Ryan W says:

    I would argue that two dragons eating each other is very different from one eating itself. I think it has to do with the idea of two things mutually coexisting and harming each other at the same time. Perhaps that good and evil = life, and that this cycle of good and evil destroying each other is what makes Hyrule go around? Or maybe that the Zonai and another culture cannot exist together, and both will wipe out each other?

  9. Mr1991bbk says:

    My theory is that the Zonai were never actually on the surface of Hyrule. The Zonai are what the people called the Skyloftians/other sky people when the pieces started falling from the sky.

    At some point between the old games and BotW, the sky islands started to fall. This brought back the belief and knowledge of Hylia as well as the people that lived in the sky.

  10. David Ortega says:

    I’m 100% invested in the idea that the tears are going to hold the same significance that the tear in the sheikah eye logo holds, meaning we’ll learn more about them! And I do believe those vials will be to store the tears as you collect them 🙌

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