Zelda’s TERRIFYING mod, but if I die the video ends

Zelda’s TERRIFYING mod, but if I die the video ends

I am very good at Zelda.

This was streamed live on Twitch! https://bit.ly/DougTwitch
Full stream recording:
Pt. 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCTc96mGsto
Pt. 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPjxHO5zAq8

Edited by Danu! https://twitter.com/Danu_png
Mod is created by Waikuteru, found here! https://www.youtube.com/@Waikuteru

My 2nd Channel: http://bit.ly/dougdoug2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DougDougFood
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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food

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56 Responses

  1. LoR says:

    “Only use the alarms when there’s danger,” he says, doing the equivalent of handing an air horn to a third grader lmfao

  2. Cootato says:

    dying to fire with no fire nearby while hearing 9000 people scream wee woo is how I want to go out

  3. CoolGuy McSpeed says:

    Just started watching but I get the feeling DouglasDouglas is going to go off on an insane and derailed tangent.

    • Megumin says:

      @br0k3n_url ah yes a fellow drift dad enjoyer

    • br0k3n_url says:

      @Megumin youtube loves acting like a massive youtube tbh. legit ridiculous at times aha

    • EX50 says:

      @Megumin classic youtube tbh, ruin an integral part of the platform while pointing the finger at the creators

    • Dillon Benson says:

      @Hot Dog Yeah its terrible, if you don’t want to see them I would recommend a browser extension called BlockTube, you have to block each spammer individually but it makes comment sections so much more bearable to read

    • Megumin says:

      @Hot Dog love how yt instead of fixing this, rolls out incredibly stupid changes to language censourship of an adult content

  4. Kemai Clemons says:

    This video in a nutshell is DougDoug stalling, chat thinking he’s a store and yelling rigged, random mobs spawning and chat also taking about divorce.

    • Silverberg says:

      The murderer is still free

    • Equinoxxed_ says:

      @LauchTV WEE WOO intensifies

    • Kyle Guajardo says:

      So, just a tuesday

    • amsgamingandmusic says:


    • MrRedpanda2442 says:


  5. Danman ProKing says:

    Biff’s stab hole is the new dimension for the AI attack series, we go from the US to a zoo to someone’s sword stuck in biff’s groin

  6. Yiaftokal says:

    This video went on for FAR longer than I anticipated.

  7. Gabs Da NB says:

    The danger sound alerts made me laugh the hardest I have in a long time. My God, that was beautiful.

  8. EonLess says:

    It’s Genuinely impressive that DougDoug has a type of YouTube video I cannot find anywhere else

  9. Sky Snow says:

    What this video doesn’t make clear is that the alarm run was it’s own stream. It took about 40 minutes to start due to audio issues, then lasted 4 minutes.

  10. Eric Scott says:

    “Only use the alarms when there’s danger”

    Chat: Existence is inherently dangerous.

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