ZEROBASEONE (제로베이스원) ‘CRUSH (가시)’ MV

ZEROBASEONE (제로베이스원) ‘CRUSH (가시)’ MV

ZEROBASEONE (제로베이스원) ‘CRUSH (가시)’ MV

More about ZEROBASEONE :

ZEROBASEONE The 2nd Mini Album
2023.11.06 18:00 (KST)


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20 Responses

  1. 최강연어 says:

    전 세계 분들 저희 제베원 아껴주시고 성원해주시고 후원해주시고 격려해주시고 보태주시고 밀어주시고 염려해주시고 근심해주시고 걱정해주시고 사랑해주시고 은혜를 내려주시고 신경 써주시고 배려해주시고 두루두루 보살펴주시고 많이 웃어주시고 박수도 쳐주시고 사랑해주셔서 고맙습니다.

  2. 햄냥한 빈이 says:

    성한빈 김지웅 장하오 석매튜 김태래 리키 김규빈 박건욱 한유진 왕자님들이 모이신 제베원왕국에 오신걸 환영해요 제로즈공주님들 우리 왕자님들 세상최고인거 인정하시죠? 모여라~

  3. 4L8NDR4 ㅇㅅㅇ says:

    Vamos zerose, sigamos reproduciendo lo más que podamos. Los chicos deben ver que realmente nos gustó la canción

  4. Sunny girl ☀️💕 says:

    Zb1’s vocals are on another level of greatness. I don’t even stan them but their vocals are INSANE

  5. Nati says:

    Let’s not forget about how hard our boys were trying to achieve their dreams and give us this masterpiece! finally this is out! So let’s pay their hardwork as much as we can! 8M in 24hours is minimum what we can now so let’s go! FIGHTING!!!

  6. chae cherry says:

    zeroses let’s keep streaming! our goal is 8M in 24 hours

  7. who's says:

    for new Zeroses:
    0:00 Zhang Hao
    0:06 Yujin
    0:14 Jiwoong
    0:17 Taerae
    0:20 Ricky
    0:23 Gyuvin
    0:25 Matthew
    0:35 Hanbin
    1:25 Gunwook

  8. fa do gyuvin says:


  9. pcy777 says:

    Zhang Hao’s performance in this music video is pure perfection. He’s a true talent.

  10. hae ★ says:

    Espero que zerose les siga apoyando en este comeback, los chicos se han esforzado demasiado y merecen lo mejor

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