‘Zion might not be the number 1 overall pick’ – Stephen A. | First Take

‘Zion might not be the number 1 overall pick’ – Stephen A. | First Take

Both Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman say they would take Zion Williamson with the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. However, Stephen A. says he has heard from people around the NBA that Zion might not go number one.

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103 Responses

  1. j0epark1 says:

    Pretty sure 28/30 teams would take Zion first.


      +TheHound he doesmt know anything at all. He is talking out of his head


      +Kalley Skywalker Pass the blunt Kalley. I need to know your dealer

    • dwash726 says:

      You have to be careful Zion Williams is more like Blake Griffin and everybody said Blake Griffin was better then steph curry and took griffen 1st and look how that has played out I think ja morrant is the sleeper pick in this draft

    • JJ Edwards says:

      dwash726 invalid argument.. Blake has always been good and that’s without ever being ball dominant… not to mention Blake isn’t nearly as athletic as he was mainly because of injury.

    • JJ Edwards says:

      Basically there are two things the eye test can never see and that’s 1. Who will work the hardest and improve every year 2. Injuries

  2. Lucas Menezes says:

    Zion being the number 1 pick is as clear and outlined as Stephen A’s forehead.

    Stephen A

    Stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeduhh

  3. Jordan Davis says:

    Only person teams should consider taking over Zion is Ja Morant

  4. ZeetheBeast says:

    Ja Morrant and Rj Barrett is the only 2 people I would think about taking in front of him and neither of them can really shoot he’s definitely top 2 player in the draft

    • JOJO IS BRONZE says:

      Why would you take Ja in front of Zion they played on the same team b4 Zion was the no1 option Ja was the 4th

    • Earlman says:

      +AKINBULEJO SAMSON I hear you, but Zion seems grounded now. Also his passion doesn’t seem to come from always feeling overlooked like Westbrook does. He has Westbrook’s energy and passion, but not anger if that makes sense.

    • IFC dg_daddio6 says:

      ZeetheBeast fax

    • Taz Taurima says:

      Bol Bol is not a top 5 pick, that dude is the next thon Maker. He can stretch the floor but his body will not handle NBA level physicality on the inside, he’s already injured. IF he can stay healthy then I can see the upside but no way am I taking him top 5. Zion, morant, Barret, Cam, then Langford

  5. cf1147 says:

    How quickly they switch up #stayofftheweeeeeeddddduuuuuhhhh

  6. BigChubbz says:

    RJ Barret needs some respect

  7. Arshdeep Singh says:

    Barrett and Morant are the only two players I might consider taking over him but Zion should probably go number 1

    • Cody Welch says:

      Tgo I mean steph curry came from dayton which is not a big school at all compared to duke and look at him now. Morant could be really good.

    • rampage Johnson says:

      +Cody Welch I agree but curry went to Davidson

    • Cody Welch says:

      rampage Johnson thank you I knew something was wrong with my sentence. Yes he went to davidson

    • Wade County says:

      Tgo Him going to a small school means absolutely nothing. Players go to smaller schools all the time for their own reasons, not because they ain’t good enough to go to the big, popular schools

    • JOJO IS BRONZE says:

      Ja played on the same team as Zion in high school, Zion is better in every way, but peep Cam Reddish, just like Ja he’s going to go off when he comes out of zions shadow

  8. Lowkey OJ says:

    Steven A Smith might not be the number 1 analyst at ESPN

  9. M2K - LEARN ALL THE 2K TRICKS says:

    Zion will guarantee a filled arena , media coverage and the dude is a one in life time freak of nature. whoever does not take him at number 1 needs a flash kick.

    • Leonardo Dabestio says:

      +тим Did you read my previous comment about “chess board” mentality when it comes to positions in the NBA? I used Blake Griffin as an example as to why non-shooters entering the NBA can still have a huge impact in the game. You took the “wing player” comment a little to seriously. We don’t know Zion’s true position, and that’s fine in today’s “positionless” NBA. Fat kid guarding Shaq? Really bruh? NOBODY CAN GUARD SHAQ!!! Who’s even close to that in today’s NBA? Embiid? Hell no. In fact, I’m glad you brought up the Sixers. They lost that series vs Boston mostly do to poor coaching and bad decision making down the stretch by Ben and Jojo, including the fact that the Celtics matchup really well against them. The coaching in that series was heavily lob sided towards Boston. Outside of game 1, each game could have went either way. Brett Brown got exposed that series. TJ McConnell was the best point guard for the Sixers in that series, but Brett gave majority of those minutes to Ben, who Brad Stevens did an excellent job of scheming him out the game. He didn’t even play Fultz, who was healthy at the time before all the problems that we know about him now. Brett made little to no adjustments in that series which is why I think they ultimately lost.
      And that sneak diss about Dominique Wilkins: 7x all-NBA, 9x all-star, scoring champ, hall of famer, who played in the same era as Jordan (which you someone forgot to mention). If that’s who Zion ends up like, then I’m fine with that. Btw, Giannis is averaging 5.8 apg (career high). Your telling me Zion can’t eventually come close to those numbers? Hell, Giannis average 1.9 apg as a rookie lol. Give Zion time before you crucify him when he hasn’t even played a single NBA game yet.

    • RealBlessed.com says:

      M2K – LEARN ALL THE 2K TRICKS yeah for the first couple games til they find out he average and overrated. This has Anthony Bennett written on all over it. BUST!!!

    • JJ Edwards says:

      I think people overhyping him because of his athleticism, fans at least, I mean the LeBron comparisons have to stop… at 18 Bron was not only athletic but his talent and iq was far beyond Zions or pretty much anyone coming in.

    • Colin Montgomery says:

      тим Yeah I can tell you have really never watched Zion’s games. He is a good passer and can easily defend those players you mentioned. I’m convinced you’re trolling at this point. H e is way more than just a dunker he is a matchup nightmare cause he is so athletic and so strong.

  10. Jason Janisewski says:

    I hate qhen SAS talks about “Box Office.” He used “Box Office” for why LAL should draft Lonzo.

    You know what gets people to watch your games, Winning.

    • Byrd Byrd says:

      Dude nah

    • тим says:

      +Biron B how many national games? Idk they make the playoffs a lot and those are higher rated than regular season games so

    • Biron B says:

      +тим of course that’s because there’s nothing else on…10 times out of 10, people will opt to watch entertainment vs skill…just look at the viewership of the WNBA lol Casual fans want to see dunks and blocks and shit that perpetuates the mindset that these athletes are superhuman. Great ball movement and a strong zone defense just doesnt typically do that.

    • The i says:

      early 2000 nets disagree

    • JJ Edwards says:

      People watched to see if Lonzo has it, and others watched to see him fail… so he wasn’t incorrect

  11. Chauncey Moore says:

    “What happened to Molly?”
    Said no one in the comments

  12. Malik Williams says:

    If you in the top 3 you getting a franchise player no matter what, all those teams should be happy. Zion, RJ and Ja are all ballers

  13. Superduper A says:

    Nah it’s too late lol. Y’all can’t pull out after cumming over him all summer lmao??

  14. peZt93 says:

    Whoever doesn’t draft Zion 1st should lose his job asap. Dude is having the GOAT College season rn, literally highest PER and BPM ever and top 5 in %ts and %eFG all time. The narrative that Zion is all dunks needs to stop. He has a unique combination of athleticism, skill, IQ and defense we haven’t seen since LeBron. Literally the only thing he can’t do at an elite level is shooting but he has even shown some promise in that are.

    People saying RJ > Zion are tripping. RJ is a worse defender, is incredibly inefficient, bad finisher, bad shooter and way to selfish. He has the mamba mentality but not the mamba skills which is a terrible combination because you’re hurting your team by playing selfish Basketball but not getting the end result (see Gonzaga game)


      +тим nonexistent defense against Syracuse

    • Wade County says:

      Dr. apostasy And Christian Laettner, and Pistol Pete, and Kareem (Lew Alcindor), and Shaq, and Blake Griffin, and Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have ALL had better college careers than Zion

    • FrozenAngel4173 says:

      45 percent is apparently “incredibly inefficient” for a guard ? his 3 pter is 32 which is slightly below the threshold of being inefficient based on the avg ppg of the league but there’s a very good chance it gets better looking at his form and flow. Averaging numbers similar to young rose, young Kobe or young melo but is inefficient. Losing all credibility with that one

    • Chris Chris says:

      What are you smoking? Pete Maravich averaged over 40 ppg every year of his college career. Not to mention lots of very talented NCAA basketball players turn out to be awful in the league, ie Anthony Bennett and Adam Morrison. Just because Zion is good now does not mean his game will translate to the NBA. He is stuck in no man’s land between being a 3 and a 4. He’s too slow and cant shoot well enough to play the 3 and he’s too short to play the 4 effectively. I hope the best for himbut acting like he is a slam dunk pick is beyond stupid

  15. Stephen Cornelious says:

    Zion is Box Office and that’s enough. Remember the NBA is a business first

    • ELi-MHB Fps says:

      The last name tho

    • Inday says:

      ELi-MHB Fps Bolbol tagalog word for ( pubic hair ) in the Philippines means ( pubic hair ???)

    • Inday says:

      ELi-MHB Fps Bolbol means pubic hair tagalog word in the Philippines means pubic hair ??

    • JTyme08 says:

      4 years of box office before an injury or player with skill set to make you great now and 10 years in the future?

    • LightFuse says:

      I agree. Even though they have doubts on his upside, there’s no doubts on whether he’s a showstopper or not. Everyone wants to watch him and is obviously deserving.

      I think every team even if they don’t admit it, thinks of their teams on a business standpoint first and say we want to attract more people to watching our team and there’s no one more box office than this kid.

  16. Manny 23 says:

    They finally got rid of Molly? About time

  17. Jay Branch says:

    if anybody has any type of brain you are picking Zion at 1. No debate. Don’t overthink this.

  18. Jay Dub says:

    Mess around and Cam Reddish be better than all of them

  19. Max Kellerman says:

    If Zion does not go Number 1, that team will have made one the biggest draft mistakes in NBA history

  20. Carolina Music says:

    Watch Cam Fam have the most success in the league though

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