Zion should end his Duke season early & focus on the NBA draft – Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Zion should end his Duke season early & focus on the NBA draft – Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Tracy McGrady and Scottie Pippen of The Jump discuss a number of topics, including Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell saying he should play in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz being back, Anthony Davis’ 46-point game in Pelicans vs. Clippers, a preview of Lakers vs. Bulls, and a look at Nuggets vs. Warriors. They then (4:34) discuss the future of Duke Blue Devils freshman Zion Williamson, and whether he is a lock to be the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

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115 Responses

  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Zion strong asf???

    • Ohio Muscle says:

      +Idris Suhrheinrich as a trainer I’ll tell you now he is NOT FAT

    • Idris Suhrheinrich says:

      +Ohio Musclewell he looked like it on tv

    • Steven Stanford says:

      +Anthony Burke it’s not judgement if someone is fat than they are fat
      Second just because hee is better would not change the fact that he is fat
      3rd i haven’t payed much attention myself so i have no side in this just telling it how it is
      Also he could just flat out be wrong but no where in there did he say anything about his skill

    • bench press360 says:

      How much can he bench press ?

  2. Danyal Kazmi says:

    ESPN found their next LeBron. They are going to non-stop scrutinize and milk him, lol

  3. Jordan Davis says:

    I wonder if Scottie gon listen to that new Future when it drops

  4. LA Clippers says:

    Shaq. Kobe. LeBron. Zion.

    You only need to remember their first name. The next GOAT was born on July 6, 2000. Zi-2K.

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    T-mac “if the lakers lose tonight against the bulls magic and rob gonna have to get on the phone and make some trades”

  6. LA Clippers says:

    I’m excited about Zion. He brings me back to ’92 when Shaq arrived. Even in ’03 with LeBron. I want New York to get him. Zion’s Empire State. Make the Knicks great again!

  7. Nero Murf says:

    zion need to slow down..to get away from injury..

    • K Kagoro says:

      bojo perez I like how you low key say I haven’t played at that level and say you have lol unless you’re Zion on a burner account you don’t know either. I’ve watched Zion play plenty of times to know that his passion for the game doesn’t have a gauge, there’s just pure energy. It’s either he sits out (not gonna happen) or he keeps doing his this (beast mode).

    • BeastMode97996 says:

      You mean act like a pussy?

    • Eddie Villasenor says:

      Normally tho playing slow is what gets you hurt because your body isn’t functioning to its highest ability so your bones and muscles aren’t being warmed and loosened as much. When you play slower you’re colder and tighter which is when tears and breaks happen. There is a saying (mostly in football) that the harder you play the healthier you stay. As long as he’s warming up and stretching enough and nourishing his body properly he should be fine

    • Fox 93 says:

      If u have to slow down to get away from injury than u probably ain’t built for it, that being said.. media over reacts to everything , good or bad, n u bitches eat up every fuckin thing they say like clueless morons… congrats

    • TYuri says:

      He is gonna get injured anyway he plays too recklessly

  8. LA Clippers says:

    Luka was born in 1999. That’s my high school graduation class. So Zion could be the first NBA superstar born in 2K. Get excited. This is a young Shaq/Dawkins hybrid.

    It’s the 21st century Nique. If his basement is another Blake Griffin, that’s still NASTY AF! Blake would’ve been a first ballot HOFer had he didn’t get too Hollywood and got injured alot.

    Someone as strong as LeBron won’t be able to handle this kid down low. He is going to be destroying rims and backboards like Chocolate Thunder and young Shaq did.

    Pre-order those Zion / Knicks jerseys. Pray and pray Zion doesn’t go to Cleveland. Anywhere but that shithole. The next NY icon. ZiCon.

    • D Brad says:

      Crazy Man78 AJ A is right on. 9 and 10 picks are good players but rarely amount to anything near what Zion has the potential to be. It’s really a rarity. Whoever get number one take him and don’t look back. AND he’s box office to what would be the worst team in the league.

    • TYuri says:

      Crazy Man78 No be wouldn’t. There is no point of having Zion when you have horford who has tons more experience and can shoot.

    • D Brad says:

      TYuri horford a fuckin center. Wtf u talkin about lmao

    • TYuri says:

      D Brad Yeah, Zion has no place in that team. Why get Zion when you have horford, Jaylen brown and Hayward.

    • iCatchPokemon- says:

      ZiCon That’s A Dope Ass Nickname.

  9. themasterassassian says:

    Zion Williamson n Luka goin to be the top 5 best players once all these current goats retire

  10. Chris Willis says:

    Scottie is getting much better at this. I like him, insightful, got his own style.

  11. Michaelveli9 says:

    Lakers should sit lebron down for the rest of the year and tank for Zion then trade for AD next season. Boom! The next NBA dynasty! You’re welcome…Damn it im good

    • Akinbobola says:

      The Raptors should there entire team pretty much and tank for Rj barrett or zion. You cant go wrong with either

    • Marco Iglesias says:

      I completely agree with you. Lakers are better without Lebron and adding Zion will be the cherry on top. Bye Bye self-proclaimed GOAT.

    • Tom Kirk says:

      Jka Vill you know you sound dumb lebrons been out 10 games and they have struggled without lebron there lottery team and you saying trade him for picks sounds stupid

    • Akinbobola says:

      +Marco Iglesias you think Lakers are better with out lebron? Rofl. No team is better with out lebron. Did u miss the part where they lost to the cavs. The last team in the league. A team thats trying to lose. Gtfo of here

    • J Z says:

      The kid shoots less than 30% outside of 5 feet. At BEST he will be Randle 2.0 ( which isn’t bad at all) but he will NEVER be the #1 on a NBA team.

  12. joel boakye says:

    Scottie is older than my dad but his hair grows better and faster than me. And I’m 14?

  13. Hulk Smash 24/7 says:

    Zion Williamson is both the most exciting player at Duke and the best player..

  14. Kenny McDonald says:

    They should just give this show to Scottie and T-mac because Racheal don’t know shit about basketball

  15. exillens says:

    How’s dLo’s 19pts 6ast while leading his injured team to playoff position “definitely not an all star”? And he’s ascending. dLo definitely has a legit argument

  16. GLOVEMMM says:

    Am i the only one that see that Rj is not that guy look at his stats he cant shoot he has a horrible field goal percentage an he can’t shoot free throws he hogs the ball fyi he 8-30 last night smh I don’t get it

    • GLOVEMMM says:

      Aaron Degraff i do be watching there games its hard to watch it looks like he b not giving zion the ball on purpose half the time like he trying to show he better like fuk the team im a try get mine.. did u see the end of the 1st game they lost ? That was terrible he went 1on1 like 4 times in a row smh

    • TYuri says:

      GLOVEMMM They don’t pass him the ball because he can’t shoot. Then he tries to iso, has no handles, drives and misses all the time. He did it in high school.

    • GLOVEMMM says:

      TYuri he aint missing to much zion shooting 66% from the field scoring 20 a game that ain’t all put backs .. i dont think he needs a 3 he just gotta rebound .. but dude rj don’t pass to nobody tho I ain’t mean just zion

    • TYuri says:

      GLOVEMMM He isn’t shooting 66%… He is laying up and dunking 66%. He literally doesn’t shoot jumpers at all.

    • TYuri says:

      GLOVEMMM he is only 6’6 he definitely needs a jumper.

  17. TrelloACNF says:

    RJ Barrett is not better than Zion Williamson. Ive watched every game duke has played so far this season and both of their loses has been because of RJ Barrett shooting over and over when having a very off night. Dude went 8-30 FG 4-17 from 3 against syracuse thats trash. Bruh overrated in my eyes.

    • Roll Tide says:

      I disagree RJ’s only problem is facilitation if he ever begins to understand that passing at the right time is just as important as scoring yourself he’ll be next level. He can be a Rondo/Rozon/Kobe type player if he learns that it’s a team game!!!!!!!!!!

    • Manos NBA says:

      +GARDEN STATE SMOKE cam wasnt playing


      Manos NBA I wish he was

    • Daddy Famlittle says:

      You sir are 100% correct. Barrett is overrated and shoots way too much. He is not as efficient as I thought. He is NOT going to be on Zion’s level in the league!

    • JCOOLEY251 says:

      I think RJ is good but his ego is probably getting the best of him, last night it looked like he wanted to be the star so he tried to take the game over… I think he did the same in their other loss… He has potential he just has to get over himself…

  18. KobethaGOAT Bryant says:

    Zion Avg. more Reb. Blocks and steals, shoots a higher % from the floor and FT line, has as good if not better handle and is a way better passer in what world is RJ better

    • Nekia Barfield says:

      +Dmahmoud17 It means more impact in a game his game opens up shooters. More guaranteed points. Plus not selfish and a team player wins games or Shooting every time you touch the ball high shot attempts and low buckets made. If RJ didn’t make some 3s here and there he would average around 12 points per game.

    • Nekia Barfield says:

      +bd06m0030 Rj shoots what from the FT line

    • Nekia Barfield says:

      +Swag God shoots 13 and makes 5 ?

    • Nekia Barfield says:

      +Swag God He’s 18 not finished growing he will hit 6’8-6’9 watch

    • bd06m0030 says:

      +Nekia Barfield I didnt even bring RJ into this conversation. I spoke about Zion’s potential for greatness in NBA.

  19. MarshallPo says:

    Zion doesn’t owe college shit. I’d sit out.

    • don Sulli says:

      Naw he doesn’t owe em shit,,sit out ,dont even risk it

    • bench press360 says:

      He doesn’t have anything to play for now since hes a the number draft pick for the NBA he should sit out before he risk injury like pippen said

    • FlipStar26 says:


    • BeastMode97996 says:

      +Courtney Sutherlin There we go, there’s that greed and selfishness setting in. How much is an education worth to you? Compared to how long you are supposed to be in the league, you can still get a great investment by how much you make in a lifetime with a college degree.

    • Courtney Sutherlin says:

      +BeastMode97996 not much. Not worth millions of dollars. Education doesn’t mean you will be successful. Its millions of educated broke people in the United States . His rookie contract will be worth more than he could earn with a degree. Last years number one pick contract is 41 million over 4 years. What degree will you get that type of money straight out of college.

  20. tyell dinkins says:

    Scottie is right.. Zion is GREAT… A human freak of nature so to speak.. but he is risking his whole n.b.a career in the NCAA… Just save all of that for the big league.. it was one game Zion hit his head on the BACKBOARD.. I’m not hating on him at all y’all. I just don’t want to see this incredible young man get HURT before he truly gets his time to shine… Yes it’s ok to have fun but just turn it down 1 notch.. Trust me the whole world has already seen what this man is capable of… Just be safe Zion… I’m a true fan..

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