Zion’s shoe blowout and injury ‘couldn’t be worse’ for Nike – Max Kellerman | First Take

Zion’s shoe blowout and injury ‘couldn’t be worse’ for Nike – Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Will Cain debate how much responsibility Nike should take for Zion Williamson’s injury, which came after blowing through his shoe in the first half of Duke’s game against UNC. Kellerman and Stephen A. acknowledge that the injury is a bad look for Nike, but Cain says that the injury had less to do with Nike and more to do with Zion’s unique physique.

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73 Responses

  1. wrnjpn qaz says:

    Mark my word. You read it here first. Nike will develop And market Zion rated basketball shoes. And it will fly off the shelves and give Nike it’s biggest profits.

  2. EchelonNYK says:

    Skechers this is your chance

  3. Que Tal says:

    Good time to invest in Nike while their stock is low ?

  4. rnk737737 says:

    Only real Mofo’s done had to hoop in Timb’s b4!

  5. wait_whut? says:

    The little kid in Taiwan that made that shoe is probably getting beat with a bamboo cane right now.

  6. Vijaywynne Butanas says:

    Zion just breaking shoe strength standards, nothing wrong with nike ??

    • G G says:

      Except them paying 9 year olds in a sweatshop in Asia to properly make cheap ass 8 dollar material shoes that they sell for 100+ ?

    • AmbrizFer says:

      Nike doesn’t make good quality shoes they haven’t made a good quality gr in years they have the best marketing team there pretty amazing

  7. blocka blocka says:

    overworked and underpaid indonesian girl in nike sweatshop getting screamed at by overseer/supervisor. indonesian girl got a big surprise for whoever wears sneaker she makes

  8. Matt The Knicks Fan says:

    this doesnt hurt nike at all. theres more guys like max in pg 2.5’s PAUL GEORGE’S LAST SNEAKER than there are 6’6 300lb tanks in pg 2.5’s

  9. I. Michel says:

    Get this man some Lebron 11s, them boys are sum heavy tanks

  10. Littleone Forever says:

    Same thing happened to me with these same shoes except i was running away from a baby chihuahua down the steet?

  11. TheFnames says:

    Best thing that happened to Steph Curry is getting out of Nike shoes
    His ankles have been in a better state since

    • gerard bain says:

      +NEW YORK He has far less as compared to the litany of ankle ailments he had earlier in his career when he was wearing Nike.

    • ericlogos says:

      +gerard bain yup. Steph is better now that he doesn’t wear nike. Everyone should wear big baller shoes. Where’s Lonzo Balls dad when we need him?

    • NEW YORK says:

      +gerard bain the POINT is > he still has ankle issues .. therefore, under armour can be blamed.
      THE END!!!!

    • gerard bain says:

      +NEW YORK I disagree. I think the real issue is that a multi billion dollar company athletic company should design their products better.

    • Elijah Bacani says:

      NEW YORK bruh, you act like ua can magically fix the years worth of damage that has already been done…

  12. DeChane Grinton says:

    He needs to go to wakanda n get some vibranium infused Lebron

  13. John Edwards says:

    Steph Curry blew out his ankles wearing Nike. Switched to Under Armour after that and one 2 MVPS.

  14. Kevin Hall says:

    Nike… Just Blow It

  15. Slinky says:

    “The guy that the shoe can’t hold” that is a good slogan for Zion

  16. Think Thought says:

    actually, i’m in China and put together shoes for Nike. I then immediately jumped out the window. stupid nets saved my fall…..i’m back at it… help!!!!!

    • J 17Legacy says:

      Damn! They actually let you go online?

    • CTO Information says:

      +J 17Legacy heard of never believes Internet words? LOL China ain’t make shoes nowadays, they are making 5G, bruh .

    • Think Thought says:

      +J 17Legacy The real question is… How is my English soo good? don’t worry, i’m on the run…. got some Jordans and i’m good to go.

    • J 17Legacy says:

      +CTO Information”MOST” of the sweatshop has been moved to Vietnam, but there are still 150 footwear factories in 14 countries. Contract factories in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. Just because they move some of the factories to Vietnam doesn’t mean every last one of the factories in China is gone.

    • J 17Legacy says:

      +Think Thought I hope you find a way to get out of those safety nets LOL

  17. Rainturtle says:

    Damn he shoulda signed the shoes and sold em on Ebay after he retired.

  18. Arnold Faks says:

    Nike will want to make this up to Zion. They will hook him up with a huge deal for this. Zion going to get paid by Nike, watch

    • 1990758 says:

      That’s true but is it possible he didn’t have his shoelaces tied tight and all the weight one on one side and it buckle

  19. Turbo says:

    Nike puts more money into advertising than they do their actual product
    How bad does this look for Nike?
    Well it makes Adidas look more appealing now more than ever.

  20. Luke Ryan says:

    Molly please be quiet

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